Vaja iPAQ + Silver Slider Case Review

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Product Requirements:
iPAQ and Silver Slider

04/22/01 Updated. Comments on new version will be made
in red.

The Vaja Silver Slider iPAQ case is the only case available to date that has been specifically
made for the
iPAQ and Silver Slider. The Silver Slider is a modified Compact Flash Card Expansion Sleeve
made by George Mosquera.

Vaja is swiftly becoming well known for their quality leather PDA cases
and this new case is not an exception.

Made of high quality leather, this case comes in a variety of colors including:
Black Ostrich with Black plain leather, Cognac Ostrich with Dark Tan leather,
Dark Tan leather with Dark Tan leather, Black grain leather with Black leather,
and Green grain leather with Dark Tan leather. It is also available in both a belt clip
or a non-belt clip version.


The iPAQ and Silver Slider combo easily slides into the case holster. No Velcro is required to hold the PDA in the case. The fit is
adequate but  I
think it could stand to be just a little more snug. As it is, if you would hold the case upside down
with the cover open (I don’t know why you would want to do that…),
the iPAQ would fall out. That said, the cut outs in the holster are pretty much perfect. There is easy access to the application buttons
and joypad. There is also a cut out for the voice recorder button. At the bottom of the case, there is a cut out for the AC adapter connector,
sync port and reset switch.

New version has a perfect fit. Nice and snug.

vaja ss ipaq6

This case is supposed to allow you to sync your iPAQ with the cradle while it is on.
Unfortunately, I had
quite a bit of trouble with this. I have not had one successful sync. No matter
how hard I press the unit into the cradle, it won’t initiate a sync. This
doesn’t really bother me due to the fact that I can easily slide the iPAQ out of
the case and pop it in the cradle. But, if you are specifically looking for a
syncable case, this one will take some wrestling. If you happen to have a sync
cable, you’ll not have any problems connecting it to the iPAQ while it is in
this case.

The screen cover portion of the case is nicely padded and has a medium stiff ABS
plastic insert. On the inside of the cover, there are 2 card slots and one large slot behind
them for more cards or longer papers. There is a hole in the cover that matches the
earphone jack so that you can listen to audio while the cover is closed. The cover is held shut with a leather covered snap. The snap is attached
to a strap that wraps around the bottom of the iPAQ and fastens to the back of the PDA. The snap is easy to fasten and unfasten while still being

On the back of the case is the metal stud for the belt clip (for the belt clip version of course). The stud sticks out
about .25″ and is about .25″ wide.

The only thing that I don’t like about this case is that the leather on the back seems gappy. It is as if too much leather was used and as a result,
it buckles. This is somewhat apparent in the picture below. This isn’t a major problem, but if you’re picky like me, it might bother you.

vaja ss ipaq8

New version doesn’t have this problem at all. The
leather is completely flat. See picture on right of updated case.

Other than that, the Vaja iPAQ + SS is a very nice case that is made with quality materials and
has great craftsmanship. It protects your iPAQ and Silver Slider combo from
every day use and looks terrific.

Price: $59.90 with belt-clip, $57.90 without

Fits the iPAQ and Silver Slider combo
Play through design

Leather on back buckles slightly
Had trouble syncing while in the case


Product Information

  • Fits the iPAQ and Silver Slider combo
  • Play through design
  • Leather on back buckles slightly
  • Had trouble syncing while in the case
  • Expensive

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