Delta Dolcevita Stylus Review

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Product Requirements:
Any touch-screen PDA

There are styli that not only function like a dream; but that also give you
this indescribable feeling of luxury, refinement, and that make a tasteful
declaration of the fact that beautiful things appeal to you.

These are the styli that are a step above the rest of the genre.

The Delta Dolcevita Executive Data Duo Pen is just such a creature. It is available from,
and not only is it a flawless writing instrument, it is also a wonder to hold
and use.


For those of you that are not familiar with the Delta line of fine writing
instruments, let me give you some quick background…

In 1982, Nino Marino, Ciro Matrone and Mario Muscente founded Delta, in
Italy. Since then, Delta has earned a reputation as a manufacturer of extremely
high quality writing instruments. All Delta pens are handmade by skilled
craftsmen who attend to every detail, as they create the “modern and classic
designs that appeal to the pen connoisseur.”

Dolcevita is actually the name of a product line of Delta’s. Like other
fine writing instrument manufacturers, Delta has different lines that follow
central themes.

The Dolcevita line is supposed to bring to mind a celebration of life in
Italy. Signifying “Friendship and Festivity with local people, and the joys of
art throughout Italy. The Dolcevita pen embodies a dark orange color visible
throughout the country under the Mediterranean sun in rocky hillsides.”
Wow – makes you want to visit, doesn’t it?

Well, enough build-up, let’s talk about the actual Dolcevita Duo Pen!

When you first receive your package from StylusCentral, you’ll be shocked
at the size of the box. That is because the Dolcevita comes in a presentation
case that you will most likely not want to discard. The case itself is made of a
beautiful silver fabric cross-hatch weave, and it looks like something you would
be proud to give as a gift, and pleased to receive. The anticipation builds,
because you know that such a case will most likely be holding something

Opening the case, you will see a beautiful pen that holds a practical secret.
This pen is not only a ballpoint, but also a stylus.


There is no mistaking the Dolcevita for some common mass-produced pen.

The top half of the Dolcevita is a deep black resin. If you are familiar with
Mont Blanc pens, then you are familiar with this material.

The bottom half of the pen is what I can only describe as a “burled”
looking orange. As you turn it, the “burls” catch the light and glow. It
makes a dramatic effect, and looks beautiful.


What I found interesting is that the two separate parts of the pen, the black
and orange, are each hand-turned from a solid bar of special resin.

All of the trim on the pen is done in a silver plated metal, except for the
band around the middle.

The central band itself is actually done in sterling silver. This makes the
pen look stunning, with its intricate design reproducing an old Roman decor.


The pocket clip has a useful feature: on its tip is a rolling ball that
actually helps the clip glide on and off your pocket. I had never seen a feature
like this before, and it seems extremely thoughtful, and works very well.

dolcevita5 dolcevita6

On the rear side of the Dolcevita, is the Delta logo, with the Dolcevita
name. Above this, on the band that encircles the top of the pen, is the serial
number, and “Italy”.


The little silver dome that you can see on the top of the pen is a raised
silver emblem with the decorative Delta “D”.


For comparison’s sake, the weight of the Dolcevita is slightly weightier
than a Mont Blanc Roller-ball: it is certainly not a heavy pen, though. It is
well balanced in your hand, and you can easily take notes for some time without
any type of hand fatigue, as the pen has a good width to it as well. You will
not feel like you are grasping a straw, but rather a substantial writing


Once you’re done looking at every detail, and you actually use the
Dolcevita, you will certainly not be disappointed. The ballpoint writes
smoothly, and the ink does not skip.

The stylus tip is slightly pointed, but with a rounded tip, and is done in
black to match the rest of the pen. It glides across your PDA’s screen, with
or without a screen protection sheet.


Not only is the Dolcevita gorgeous, it is easy to operate as well. You simply
twist the barrel either to the right or to the left, to reveal the pen or
stylus. When it is turned to the middle, both are retracted. You can even buy
your ballpoint refills directly from StylusCentral, so there will be no worries
when the time comes that you need a refill.

I told Julie that it makes me feel like a movie star to use it. I know she
thinks I’m crazy to say that, but how often does a purchased item give you
that type of warm-fuzzy feeling? Well, in my case – it happened. When I whip
it out to jot something on my PDA’s screen, whatever it is that gets written
just “feels” more important. You can laugh if you want to – I know it’s

If you should decide that you want the other writing instruments that match
the Delta Dolcevita Executive Data Duo Pen, a quick search on the internet under
“Delta Pens” should yield an assortment of companies that can show you the
accompanying fountain pen, mechanical pencil, and roller-ball that are also in
the Delta Dolcevita line.

Make no mistake about it: the Dolcevita is not for everyone. There is
something slightly flamboyant about pulling it out. People are going to notice.
Some may want to touch it, most will definitely comment upon it. No matter what,
you will get a certain satisfaction when you are using it.


Price: $165

Custom made
Feels good in hand
Smooth tip


Expensive, but don’t let that stop you…J


Product Information

Manufacturer:Stylus Central
  • Gorgeous
  • Custom made
  • Feels good in hand
  • Smooth tip
  • Expensive, but don’t let that stop you…J

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