The Palm V Bridge Review

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So, you’ve upgraded your old PalmPilot to the shiny new Palm V and you now have a bunch
of hardware accessories that will no longer work with it. What do you do?  You could
always buy new Palm V compatible accessories…. but that will cost you $$’s… or, you
can check out the new Bridge for the Palm V Connected Organizer (called the Palm V Bridge
from here on out) by Midwest PCB
. You might already be familiar with their original Bridge product which
allowed you to easily sync your PalmPilot to the cradle while it was in a case. This new
Palm V Bridge allows you to use your old PalmPilot compatible accessories with a Palm V.

bridgev1.jpg (5417 bytes) bridgev2.jpg (4583 bytes)

The Palm V Bridge is a small connector that plugs onto the PalmPilot accessory and then
the Palm V plugs into it. Some of the different accessories that you can use the Palm V
Bridge with are the original GoType! keyboard, PalmPilot modem, PalmPilot hotsync cable,
PalmPilot cradle, and the Palm III/IIIx cradle.

bridgev3.jpg (7752 bytes) bridgev4.jpg (6086 bytes)

For me, I found that the Palm V Bridge saved me money. I needed a cradle for my Palm V
to use at work. I didn’t want to pay $50 for one. Since I had an extra PalmPilot hotsync
cable, I just use the Palm V Bridge with it and it works great.

If you are using the Palm V Bridge with a PalmPilot or Palm III cradle exclusively for
syncing, you still need to use your Palm V cradle to recharge the batteries, since the
other cradles don’t have chargers in them.

bridgev6.jpg (9709 bytes) bridgev7.jpg (8806 bytes)

The Palm V Bridge fits easily on the original PalmPilot and Palm III/IIIx cradles. It
also fits easily on the PalmPilot modem.  It is a snug fit on the hotsync cable and
GoType keyboard though. This isn’t a problem for me as I just leave it connected to the
hotsync cable all the time. But if you use the GoType! keyboard, you may have to remove
the Palm V Bridge when you want to close the keyboard cover, since I don’t believe it can
close while the Palm V Bridge is connected. Although this might be annoying, it’s better
than spending the money on a new GoType! for your Palm V.

Price: $14.99 (available at PDAMart)

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Allows you to use your original PalmPilot accessories with your Palm V.

Snug fit on some accessories.



Product Information

Manufacturer:Midwest PCB Designs
  • Allows you to use your original PalmPilot accessories with your Palm V.
  • Snug fit on some accessories.

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  2. OMG! That is a yesteryear toy gadget! Loved the Palms! Had every model. It was exciting hunting after gear for the Pilots 🙂

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