Sr. Executive Leather Case Review


The Sr. Executive Leather Case by PalmPilot
Gear H.Q.
is a large leather tri-fold wallet style case that has a yoke for holding a
PalmPilot. (PalmPilot Gear H.Q. will be offering a similar case that holds a Palm III in
the near future.) This case has that great leather smell and a rich smooth feel to the
touch. The stitching is strong and the button snap holds well. It is currently available
in black.

The first thing that you will notice about the Sr. Executive Leather Case
is its size. It is 7.38″ long x 4.25″ wide- closed, (13.625″ wide-open).
But, the case’s larger size enables it to be packed with features. It has 8 credit card
size slots on the left side, and a flap for important papers or currency behind.On the
right side is a long note pad, with a pocket behind it for holding more papers or
currency. The right side is also large enough to hold a standard size checkbook.

That’s a good thing if you are going to use this as a replacement for your current
checkbook holder and for your credit cards. On the back of the right side, there is a
zippered compartment that runs down the length of the case. It can be used for loose
change, etc…

In previous reviews of similar products, I had written that there was no
need for the paper notepad, since the PalmPilot can be used for taking notes. Then a
friend pointed out that it comes in handy if you need to write something down to give to
someone else. I agree. With that in mind, I noticed on the PalmPilot Gear H.Q. web page
that they are including 2 extra notepads with this case. (Vat a deal!) The center section
has a PalmPilot yoke at the bottom and a clear plastic window at the top that can hold a
driver’s license or Picture ID. Along the right side of the center section is an elastic
loop for holding a pen, pencil, stylus, or combo. Because of its larger size, this case
can accommodate any of the combination stylus devices.

The center yoke held the PalmPilot tightly and had openings for all of the dials and
buttons on the PalmPilot. But there isn’t anything to protect the screen. When folded up,
though, the screen seemed to not be near any sharp edges so I wasn’t concerned that the
screen would get scratched. Also, when folded and snapped together, the case seemed well
padded. Speaking of the snap, I prefer this snap to most of the other fastener options,
(like zippers), because it’s quick and easy to open.

If you decide to buy this case, I would seriously think about getting a
Pen/Pencil/Stylus combo to put in the loop, because it’s a bit awkward to get at the
“toothpick” stylus that comes with the PalmPilot. This is a stronger
consideration for the future Sr. Executive case for the Palm III, since the stylus is on
the back. The toothpick is accessible, but the loop gets in the way a bit. (Combo styli
aren’t that expensive and even the worst stylus is better than the one that comes with the
PalmPilot.) Overall, I liked the Sr. Executive Leather Case, even though I am not fond of
wallet cases in general. (I like to carry mine in the shirt pocket.) It has that great
leather smell to it.

And it is padded quite well on the outside. It would definitely offer good protection
for the PalmPilot, although perhaps not the screen. I like the fact that it can hold a
checkbook, and I think it is reasonably priced.


Note to PalmPilot Gear H.Q.: It would be nice to have an access hole in the bottom so
you can HotSync. without removing the PalmPilot.

Price: $44.95

Good quality.
Protects PalmPilot.
Holds 8 credit cards, Picture ID, checkbook, and currency.
I like the snap.

Not enough protection for PalmPilot screen.
Need to remove PalmPilot to Hotsync.


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Product Information

  • Good quality.
  • Protects PalmPilot.
  • Holds 8 credit cards, Picture ID, checkbook, and currency.
  • I like the snap.
  • Not enough protection for PalmPilot screen.
  • Need to remove PalmPilot to Hotsync.

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