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The Screecher by Pacific Neo-tek is a small
hardware module that plugs into the hotsync port on your PalmPilot. This module when used
with certain software will generate a 90dB alarm sound.

screecher1.jpg (5930 bytes) screecher2.jpg (6357 bytes)

How does it work? You first need to install some software that will let you use the
Screecher. Any software that works with the TaleLight will also work with the
Screecher module. For my review, I used a little Hackmaster application called Snoozer. Snoozer will let you add
different alarm sounds, nagging alarms – as well as options to use the TaleLight/Screecher
module. After you install the software, you then plug the module into your PalmPilot’s
hotsync port.

Now, when your scheduled alarms go off, so does the Screecher.  One word comes to
mind when I hear the Screecher go off: yikes! It is loud and it
is annoying…Those are great features to have in a device that is supposed to get your
attention! I set an alarm and left my PalmPilot in another room while typing up this
review and had no problems at all hearing the alarm when it sounded. I should clarify that
the Screecher does NOT amplify the built in internal speaker on the
PalmPilot. The Screecher plays its own sound thru its own speaker that is built into the

Sample sounds recorded in .WAV format with the Screecher about 4 inches away from the

File Name Size Description
screech1.wav 44k Screecher alarm sound by itself
screech2.wav 32k Screecher alarm with PalmPilot alarm

A nice thing about the Screecher is that it doesn’t require extra batteries. It uses
power from the PalmPilot. Using the Screecher won’t noticeably effect your regular battery

The only negatives about the Screecher are that you have to remove it to hotsync and
that while you’re using it, it probably won’t fit in most PalmPilot cases.

If you have had problems in the past with hearing the PalmPilot’s internal alarm, you
really need to try the Screecher.

Price: $30.00

It is loud.

Must remove to hotsync.
PalmPilot won’t fit in most cases when using the Screecher.



Product Information

Manufacturer:Pacific Neo-tek
  • It is loud.
  • Must remove to hotsync.
  • PalmPilot won't fit in most cases when using the Screecher.

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