Targus PalmPilot Case Review

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targus1.jpg (4699 bytes) The Targus PalmPilot
is a black leather case designed to fit the PalmPilot, Palm III, and IBM WorkPad.
This case is constructed with the usual Targus quality: strong stitching, stiff leather,
and overall good construction. It has the Targus logo on the front, and the inside has a
smooth nylon lining.The first thing I noticed in using this case is the leather strap
that holds the case closed. This strap is made of the same high quality leather, and
although it utilizes Velcro as the fastener, it holds very tight. But the reason that I
noticed it was that it was connected to the back of the case instead of the cover. This
strap tended to get in the way often while the case was open. I prefer that the strap
would be connected to the cover so that when the cover is flipped around, the strap goes
with it. As a right-handed person, I hold the PalmPilot in my left hand, and the stylus in
the right hand.

I’ll let the resident “lefty”, (JS), comment as to whether it was a problem
for her. (Note from Julie: This case wasn’t a problem for me
because I held the case in my right hand and used my thumb to hold the strap out of the

As with many of the cases that were designed primarily for the PalmPilot,
this case also presents a slight problem with removing the stylus if you use it with a
Palm III. The Palm III stylus is in the back and harder to get to. But as I have stated in
previous reviews, I use a 3rd party stylus, and rarely need to use the one that
came with the PalmPilot.
(Note from Julie: This case in my opinion is not very usable
with a Palm III. The button cutout area obstructs the buttons and the graffiti area is
slightly obstructed as well.)Now lets get to the good stuff. This is one of the few
cases that have 2 spare battery holders designed into it. I really like this feature. If
you are like me, you tend not to think of battery replacement until it’s almost too late.
And if I do happen to have some spare batteries, they are usually located in the
bottomless pit I call a briefcase. The battery holders in the Targus case are located next
to the PalmPilot yoke, and because of this, it adds a little to the overall size when
closed. The case measures 4″x 5″x 1″.
targus2.jpg (13086 bytes)

The Targus case is designed to hold both the PalmPilot. The PDA fits snugly into the
yoke without any strap to hold it in place. But it won’t fall out. I tried to dislodge my
PalmPilot by vigorously shaking it and it did not move. Also, the cutouts are well placed,
including the cutout in the bottom that gives access for HotSyncing with either the
HotSync cable, or The Bridge.

When closed, this case offers excellent protection to the entire PalmPilot. The outside
is padded quite well, and as I stated above, the inside of the case has a nylon lining
with the Targus logo on it. Also on the cover of the case are two slots for holding
business or credit cards.

This is a fine case. It’s easy to open and close, and it offers good protection for the
PalmPilot. And I really like the battery holders. But, and I’ve always wanted to say
this…Batteries Not Included.

Price: $24.95

Good quality.
Protects PalmPilot.
2 battery holders.

Strap may get in the way for right-handed users.



Product Information

  • Good quality.
  • Protects PalmPilot.
  • 2 battery holders.
  • Strap may get in the way for right-handed users.

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