RhinoSkin Titanium Pilot Case Review

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The Titanium Cockpit case is made by RhinoSkin.
This is the ultimate PalmPilot case. Just holding the case
makes me want to grunt like Tim ‘The
Toolman’ Taylor. The Cockpit case is made of titanium; a metal which
has a slight yellow or golden haze to it. The finish is a smooth matte.

rhino The metal seemed to pick up finger prints and smudges a little too easy
for my liking, but it was easy to clean with a swipe of a damp cloth. The case is
constructed quite well. I found that all the edges were smooth except for one rough edge
on the business card clip on the inside of the cover.
The case consists of two halves. Each half has been folded and riveted into the finished
shape. The two halves are held together with a unique rod like hinge.
rhinohinge On the inside of the right half of the case there is a neoprene lining to
hold the Pilot in place. This is a nice switch from Velcro. The lining is cut in such a
way as to have a place to put a couple credit cards under the Pilot. The left half has a
money or business card clip.
rhinoopen2 The Pilot easily slides into the right half of the case. The neoprene
holds onto the Pilot even if you turn the case upside down while open. I even tried
shaking the case while open and upside down. The Pilot didn’t budge. When the case is
closed, the neoprene pads keep the Pilot from shifting.

All the buttons and stylus are accessible while the Pilot is in the case. Opening and
closing the Cockpit takes
a bit of practice. There are dimple snaps on the top, bottom and sides that hold the cover
closed. Cut out
grooves on these sides help you to grab the cover and open it. Being a lefty, I found that
I would sometimes
get my fingers pinched in the opening between the two halves of the case.

The Cockpit is a terrific case that protects the Pilot very well. That
said, I’ll have to add that this probably isn’t the ideal case for everyone. Why do I say
that? For two reasons. The first reason is the price. One hundred dollars is a lot of
money to

spend on a case. Is it worth it? That depends on the person. I would highly recommend
this case to people
that take their Pilot with them camping, hiking or work in an industrial environment. The
Cockpit is also great
for traveling. Putting your Pilot in this case will take away all the worries of crushing
it in your luggage.

The second reason is that the case is heavy. It’s actually about the same weight as the
Pilot. Carrying the
Cockpit in your pocket can feel a little bulky. Another way to carry the Cockpit is with
the ClipPak case.
This nylon or canvas (I’m not sure which) case is made to wear on your belt. The ClipPak
is made especially
for the Cockpit and has a metal clip on the back. It comes in black or tan and has a soft
velvet like lining.

rhinopouchclsd rhinopouchopn rhinopouchclip

A flap is held closed with Velcro. The Cockpit slides in easily when the ClipPak is on
your belt. Wearing the
Cockpit on your belt makes the weight easier to manage. The ClipPak is made well. The
stitching and overall
quality are top rate.

In summary, if you are looking for the ultimate protection for your PalmPilot or
WorkPad and don’t mind
paying for it, this is the case for you.

Titanium Cockpit
Price: $99.95
Construction: A
Ease of Use: A
Overall Rating: A

ClipPak for the Cockpit
Price: $24.95
Construction: A
Ease of Use: A
Overall Rating: A


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