Pilot Angel Case Review

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The Pilot Angel by Okmik Productions is an all aluminum case for the PalmPilot. The Angel comes in several brilliant anodized colors including black, red, blue, green, violet, orange, brown, yellow and clear. I received the violet Angel to review and there’s only one word for it: WOW! Anyone that saw it would automatically ask “What is that?!”

angel front angel back angel side

There are now 3 metal Pilot cases on the market.  So what makes this one different? The unique hinge system makes this case special. The cover on the Angel can be opened and flipped completely around to the back of the Pilot. Opening the Angel can be accomplished in one fluid motion after a little practice. When the Angel is fully open, it’s comfortable to hold.

angel open1 angel open2
angel open3 angel open4

The Pilot Angel has openings for all the buttons, the stylus, and the HotSync port. An opening for the contrast dial is missing though. The openings for the buttons are almost exactly the same size as the buttons. So, you have to actually use the very tip of your finger or your finger nail to press them. I think if the openings were a bit larger, it would be easier to press the buttons. Avid game players may find the Angel
a bit difficult to use because of this.

The opening for the stylus is just the right size. You can still use the pad of your thumb to eject the stylus from the holder. But, the stylus can only be accessed when the Angel is partially open. When the case is closed, the case lid covers the opening… and when the case is fully open, the lid covers it as well. You just have to remember to remove the stylus as you’re opening the case. This isn’t a really big deal, but during my
review of this case, I continually would forget and have to pull the case forward so that I could get to the stylus.

The opening for the HotSync port is just a little too narrow. Because of this, when you plug in the HotSync cable it doesn’t insert all the way. I didn’t have any problems syncing though… so there is enough of a connection.  Syncing also requires you to have the Angel cover open but
not collapsed all the way. You could also use The Bridge to hotsync.

angel buttons angel stylus angel sync angel sync2

Inserting and removing the Pilot from the Angel is a snap. You just slide the Pilot in and press the up/down buttons if they get caught on the openings. Removing it is as easy. Best of all, this case doesn’t require any Velcro!

The finish on the Angel is terrific. It’s has a really smooth, sexy feel to it. The metal feels sturdy around the Pilot. Although this case isn’t designed to protect the Pilot from drops, it is strong enough to allow you to put the Pilot in your back pocket of your pants and sit down. This case is the lightest of all the metal cases available. It’s also adds the least to the over all size of the Pilot. A small brass name plate comes with the Angel. It’s engraved with “PILOT ANGEL” on it. You can attach it to the case if you wish, or you can order a personalized plate with your name on it for an extra charge.

There is one little thing that I don’t like about the case… when you pick it up, it will fall open. This happens when the case is laying flat and you grab it by the sides to pick it up. As you can see from the photo below, it starts to open. I know that the Pilot won’t fall out or anything, I just don’t like that this happens. One way to avoid this is to lay the Angel with the HotSync port opening on top. See the first two pictures at the top of the review for a better understanding.

angel pickup

In summary, I’ve got to say that this is nicest metal case yet for the Pilot. It feels great to hold, does its intended job well and is well made. The flip-around cover really sets it apart from the other cases that are available. I think almost anyone willing to pay the price would love this case.

Price: $78.00 (plus additional charges for special colors)
Construction: A-
Usefulness: A
Overall Rating: A


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