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Where did Saturday go? I usually post these weekly roundups late on Saturday afternoons, but somehow the day got away from me, so I'm a day late. That's ok though, browse through this list of the news, reviews, and articles that we posted last week. It will go prefect with your Sunday breakfast. No 8… Read More

How is everyone doing on this wonderful Saturday afternoon? The weather here today in Southern Indiana is gorgeous. But I'm not outside right now because I'm a geek and geeks shun that glowing yellow orb in the sky. Instead of soaking up vitamin D, I'm inside goofing around with gadgets because that's what I do… Read More

There's nothing good on TV tonight, so turn off the tube and read The Gadgeteer instead! We have a good selection of reviews and gadget news that will keep you more entertained than old TV reruns. Click through to see a full listing of all our posts from the past week. Off Grid Tools Survival… Read More

It's Saturday night, you're bored and there's nothing good on TV. How do you solve this problem? But visiting your favorite gadget site The Gadgeteer to browse a list of everything we posted this week. Click through to see a listing of every news, article and review post from the past seven days.  SanDisk Connect Wireless… Read More

We published 26 posts this week (counting this one) that includes 8 reviews, 18 news posts,  and 1 article. Did you read all of them? To make sure that you didn't accidentally miss something, I've made you a quick list of everything we posted this past week.  Click through and enjoy. SCOTTeVest (SeV) Enforcer Jacket… Read More

Here’s a list of everything we that posted on The Gadgeteeer in the last seven days. Click through and browse the list to make sure you didn’t miss something important. Trayvax Contour wallet review PageFlip Firefly Bluetooth/USB page turner review Saddleback Leather Mountainback Front Pocket Gear Bag review Nekteck NK-S1 Bluetooth speaker review myCharge HubPlus C… Read More

Hello Gadgeteers! I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.  Mine has been a little frustrating... you can find out why by reading my latest gadget diary post which is included in this week's list of all of our news, reviews, and articles. Click through to see this week's list.  Nexia HD Wi-Fi… Read More

Before the week ends, make sure you take a look at a full listing of all the reviews and news that were posted this week. Click through to make sure you didn't miss anything. Monster iSport Freedom Bluetooth headphones review Parblo Pearl P-10 LCD Drawing Tablet review Topo Designs Commuter Briefcase review Yubico YubiKey 4… Read More

I hope you're as lucky as I am that this is a 3-day weekend for you. Actually, I'm even luckier as I'm on vacation for the next week. It's a staycation though... but sometimes those are the best kind of vacation! I have the perfect stress-free way to spend some time. Just click through and see… Read More

Psst... wake up... I know you were enjoying a weekend nap, but it's time to wake up now. The weekend is about half over and it's time to make sure that the week doesn't end before you've had a chance to read all our news and reviews from the past 7 days. Go ahead, click… Read More

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. Want to make it even better? Then click through to see a complete listing of everything we've written this week on The Gadgeteer. Enjoy! Tacklife HD60 laser distance measurer review WTFactory SlimClip VR Steady iPhone case review QQC Corp Q-SWAP mobile power review Vacuvita vacuum… Read More

This week was interesting because I learned that people really like to read about slingshots. My post about the Assolar SS-12 multi-function super power stainless hunting laser slingshot was read over 3300 times in a few days. What does that mean? It means I need to find more slingshot related products to write about :o)… Read More

It's that time of the week where you're happy you're not at work, but you're already feeling like the weekend is going by way too fast. I have the perfect way for you to slow things down and relax for a few minutes. It's my weekly roundup listing of everything we've posted this week on… Read More

I know you probably don't visit The Gadgeteer multiple times per day or even every day. I get it, you're a busy person. But being too busy to visit The Gadgeteer is just plain ... sad because you're going to miss out on some of our great content. But never fear humble readers, I have… Read More

I've got a present for you. It's a tidy list of links for all the news, reviews, and articles that we posted on The Gadgeteer this week. I know you didn't read everything we posted this week, so click through and take a look. I'm sure there's something you'll want to read. Logitech ZeroTouch air… Read More