We just found an inexpensive bike for our daughter to take with her to college, and now we begin the expensive task of collecting all the things she'll need to keep it on the road.  I've been trying to find items for a tool kit that she can carry in her backpack, and of course [...]

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In my review of Sugru I mentioned that it would be great if it came in primary colours, which would give you yellow and reds and allow you to mix almost any colour. Well they must have listened to me. :) Announced today, it's now available in packs of  8 x 5 gram packs of [...]

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Around my household I'm known as McGyver because of my VERY improvised solutions to fixing things. The issue I have though is that often my fixes don't even last as long as an episode of McGyver :)  When I first came across a product called Sugru, my mind boggled about the many different ways that [...]

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Sugru – Hack things better


Sugru is an air-curing rubber that can be formed and shaped by hand, sticks to most surfaces, cures to a tough flexible silicon overnight, and is stable at -60°C to + 180°C. Strong, flexible, waterproof and durable, it can be used for a multitude of purposes to adapt, modify and repair. Its uses are really only limited [...]

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pplogo2010 is a family owned business that was started back in 2002. They have a shop in Austin, TX and a web site that specializes in Dell laptop repair and parts replacement supplies. You can send them your laptop for repair, or if you are a DIY kinda of person, you can purchase the parts [...]

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