Everyone knows that the day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. It's traditionally the day when stores offer their best deals for people who are shopping for holiday gifts. But why wait until Friday when you can take advantage of some great deals right now from Amazon. From now until November 27, Amazon is [...]

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I know there are a lot of iPad fans out there and if you've been waiting for a deal to purchase an iPad Air 2, now is the time. Staples has discounted the iPad Air 2 WiFi models ($100 off the 16 GB models and up to $140 off the 128 GB models). Additionally, the [...]

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Buy any NIID Backpack, get a NIID Laptop Tote for Free - (use the code: MP4S7UPM) - NIID offers three different backpacks on Amazon  which include the Decode laptop backpack, Decode Slim laptop backpack and the Decode Traveler laptop backpack. They all feature a durable Eco-Polyester exterior with water repellent coating and Air-Armor shock absorber to [...]

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Are you planning to cut the cablevision cable in the coming year?  Roku offers a variety of products for streaming video that will help you cut the cable without leaving yourself without entertainment.  Right now, they are offering their Streaming Stick at a special price of $39.99 - a savings of $10 off the normal [...]

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To celebrate its third birthday, the Amazon Appstore is offering 14 free apps through Saturday, March 22. In addition, they are offering discounts off selected apps and an in-app promotion for others in which in-app purchases will receive 50% back in Amazon coins. These other deals last through March 29. Here are the apps that are currently [...]

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If you're a multi-iPhone or iPod household, you probably could use a device that could charge two iOS devices at once from a single outlet.  The Dual Power View from RichardSolo has two identical Apple-certified docks that work with every iPhone except the iPhone 5 and all iPods except the Shuffle.  These two 1A chargers [...]

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I'm not talking about electronic postcards, I'm talking about honest to goodness printed physical postcards that you send through the postal service. And they're absolutely free (including postage) from now till 8/31/2012. Samsung, a worldwide Olympics sponsor, is teamed up with Touchnote to offer real postcards using official Olympics images for free. Send to anywhere from anywhere [...]

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RingCentral is a Web-based telephone and fax service for professionals and small businesses. When you sign up, they provide you with a toll free (800, 888, 877, 866 or vanity number) or a local phone number that you can have all your existing phone lines transferred to. It's like Google Voice on steroids because they [...]

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There's a 48 hour 40% off deal going on over at Digital Innovations. To get the special coupon code for this deal, you have to fill out a survey (on usb hubs). Don't worry, this isn't a boring survey. It's actually very cool because they show several prototype USB hub / charging gadgets and ask [...]

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Two weeks ago, we posted a special coupon code that would give you $100 off the price of a Creative Vado HD camera. Unfortunately, 30 minutes or so after we posted that news, the coupon code died. There were a lot of disappointed people that weren't able to take advantage of the deal... I felt [...]

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