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The ancient Greek scientist and mathematician Archimedes is attributed as stating "Give me a lever long enough, and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I will move the world!"  If so, Archimedes would probably have liked drinking beer with Brian Conti, creator of a crowdfunded Kickstarter project to produce a unique bottle opener.  [...]

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Zombie Bottle Opener

Zombie Bottle Opener

Let's face it, zombies are in at the moment.  But if you watch all the shows, you'll know that all they do want to do is eat your brains. Well Neatoshop has come up with a way of making a zombie useful.  Their USA-handcrafted Zombie Bottle Opener is made from urethane resin and handpainted, so no [...]

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Millenium Falcon Bottle Opener

Capable of opening a beer in 12 parsecs, the Millenium Falcon bottle opener from ThinkGeek is one of the more useful pieces of Star Wars  merchandise. The opener is officially licensed (where will it stop Mr Lucas?), exclusive to ThinkGeek and measures 4" x 3.25". It includes a magnet on the back to attach to [...]

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Gadgets and Gear is offering a bottle opener that would make a great gift for people who shave with "old-fashioned" double-edged razors like my husband, Butch.  (Or like Ian Lim, one of The Gadgeteer's writers.)  The Bottle Blade Bottle Opener is made of brushed stainless steel and measures 4.5" X 2.25".   You can pre-order [...]

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The Clicker has been mentioned in passing in a gift-ideas post last year, but I thought it might deserve its own post this gift-giving season.  The Clicker universal remote control was designed by a Civil Engineer/building contractor.  He worked for years perfecting his idea of incorporating a bottle opener into a remote control - to [...]

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