This armored trunk puts other footlockers to shame

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My daughter will be going to college in the fall, and we’ve already started thinking about the things she’ll need to take with her.  She wants a footlocker, and I agree it will be great for transferring stuff from home and for storing things in her dorm room.  I had a footlocker when I was in college back in the dark ages, but it was nothing like the trunks you can order from DormCo.  The trunks themselves are made of 3/8″ premium grade Baltic Birch hardwood plywood, covered with Armored 1000d Cordura Nylon textured sheathing material, and finished with heavy-duty proprietary nickel plated steel latches, lock, and hardware.  The trunks are waterproof, scratch proof, and dent proof.  Add a lock to it, and it sounds like the perfect storage spot for your valuables, right?  You ain’t seen nothing yet!  You can add wheels so Dear Old Dad doesn’t get a hernia carrying it in.  You can have them install a Honeywell laptop safe in the bottom, and you can add an eyeball anchor and cable lock so you can lock the trunk down to a piece of heavy furniture so no one can remove it from the room.  Oh, and you can add a hardwood tray to it to hold your socks.  The College Trunk is available in 16 colors for $229.19.  It’s about $414 with the laptop safe, cable lock and anchor system, wheels, and hardwood tray.  It’s a big investment, but it will make it through the college years (perhaps more unscathed than your kid) and will protect all that expensive gear required these days.

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  • CR May 5, 2014, 7:22 pm

    Sadly, this is probably to be recommended these days.

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