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This multi-tool lets you pop open a soda while you check your tire pressure

on August 2, 2013 10:07 am


Once again ThinkGeek arrives with the perfect thing that you never knew you needed until you see it.  This little keychain fob with the quick-release is actually a 6-in-1 Tire Pressure Gauge Multi-Tool.  It has a tire pressure gauge and color-coded depth gauge.  The depth gauge can also be used as a bottle opener and a flat-head screwdriver.  It also has a push-button LED flashlight that promises 100,000 hours of light.  (I guess the 6th tool is the keychain quick release.)  The 6-in-1 Tire Pressure Gauge Multi-Tool is $9.99, cheap enough that you can leave one in the glove compartment of each of your cars.


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    digi_owl says:

    From the image the company behind it is actually Swiss+tech, and Thinkgeek is simply the retailer.

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