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One of my nephews will be a father (again) soon, so I’ve been looking at potential new baby gifts.  This isn’t exactly a gift for the baby because it will be useless by the time the baby is here (any moment now).  The Kickbee is a band the mom-to-be wears around her tummy.  It has vibration sensors inside that register when the baby is kicking and a micro controller that wirelessly sends signals to an app running on a nearby computer.  The app then emails or Tweets a “I just kicked Mommy” message, so Dad, the grandparents, and everyone else who follows will know that Baby is awake and moving.  You can even archive the Twitter feed for a keepsake of your pregnancy.   I could have used this when I was pregnant with my daughter; I would have liked knowing she was moving around even if I was asleep and missed it.

The website promises the Kickbee is coming soon, but there’s no price listed for it yet.

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