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New On-Bike bags from Timbuk2 make your commute easier

on March 22, 2013 10:00 am


Spring is coming, and you may be thinking of starting to ride your bike to work or school.  Timbuk2 has three new on-bike bags to make carrying your gear easier.  First up is the Basket Cycling Case (marked 1. in the image), which works as a “basket” with a variety of front bike baskets and flat-bed bike racks.  Unlike a regular bike basket, you can pop the Basket Cycling Case off the bike and carry it with you.  It has two carry handles and a crossbody strap, and it’s made of waterproof fabric that “makes this water and road grime resistant.”  It’s $89.00. The Cog Pannier (2.) is a weatherproof bag that holds up to a 15″ MacBook and an iPad inside.  It clips to you bike for the commute, and quickly removes to be carried in-hand or worn as a cross-body bag.  It’s $139.00.  Finally, the Bike Seat Pack XT With Tools (3.) is exactly that – a bag that attaches under your seat and holds a variety of tools to keep your bike maintained.  The tools are included, and the kit costs $45.00.

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