Get your cartoon bag on with the Cheese messenger bag

JumpFromPaper Cheese-1

What does your messenger bag say about you? If you carry the Cheese by JumpFromPaper, it may say you don’t take life too seriously. I have to admit when I first saw this bag’s 3D cartoon-like design, I didn’t think they were real. The whimsical look made me laugh, but it also made me want to go look at what else the company had to offer. When I checked out their website, I learned that the Cheese is in fact real and apparently a top seller. (They are currently sold out, but they’re taking orders for an April 18th shipping date.) The bag dimensions are 12.5 inches wide, 10.8 inches high, and 0.8 inches thick and expandable to 3.1 inches. The bag is made out of polyester fabric and costs $99 on the JumpFromPaper website.

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