Now most any gloves can work with a capacitive touch screen, thanks to AnyGlove



Winter is here, and you’re probably wearing gloves when you go outside, so you can’t answer your ringing phone without removing the gloves.  The Gadgeteer has reported on lots of conductive gloves over the years, but what if you have a pair of gloves you like and want to continue using?  The AnyGlove solution can convert most any glove into conductive gloves.  Each 15ml bottle contains about 550 drops, so you can convert gloves for the whole family and still have enough to touch them up later, if needed.  They do recommend that you test it first on light-colored gloves to make sure no discoloration occurs.  Once it’s dried, it’s child-safe, but you should keep the liquid away from kids.  A bottle is $19.95 at Amazon.

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