Photography with a phablet is made easier with the iStabilizer Mount XL


If you own a phablet (supersized smartphone that approaches tablet size) like the Samsung Galaxy Note II and enjoy using it for photography or video, the iStabilizer Mount XL is a handy accessory to keep in your gear bag. It offers a universal tripod thread, allowing it to mount to any tripod or equipment made for a standard camera. The Mount XL brings all the mounting capabilities available to average sized smartphones to the bigger, wider mobile devices like Samsung Galaxy SII, SIII, Note, Note II, HTC EVO 4G LTE, LG Optimus G, Google Nexus 4 and more. It features a spring loaded mount that can accommodate your phone horizontally or vertically. It’s available now for $19.95. If you don’t have an oversized phone, there’s a smaller version too.

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