YAWTTYFIABS – Yet Another Way To Turn Your Finger Into A Better Stylus

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If using your finger on a capacitive touch screen like the iPad or iPhone just doesn’t work well for you, check out the iDigiTip. It’s a one size fits all finger tip cover that has a capacitive touch screen compatible stylus nub built in to it. Apparently medical professionals who wear latex gloves can even use the iDigiTip over the gloves and still have it work with a capacitive touch screen. I really don’t see how that will work, but that’s what they are claiming, so who am I to judge… $19.95 will get you 2 iDigiTips and a lanyard so you can wear one around your neck.

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  • Anastasia November 9, 2011, 8:22 am

    Hello. I have used the iDigiTip over my latex gloves and it works just fine. Really cool invention.

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