Tellarium Clock – A Solar System for Your Desk

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Here’s another entry in my series of expensive, astronomy-related clocks.  The Tellarium clock from Edmund’s Scientifics is made of cherrywood and brass.  It has an 8-day wound movement and Westminster chime.  Under the glass dome on top, a gear-driven earth orbits around the sun, taking a full year to complete the trip.  A polished brass disk displays the zodiac signs, months, and days to mark the earth’s progress.  The earth rotates on its axis, once in 24 hours, and the moon orbits the earth.  Unfortunately, the Tellarium clock shows a price of $2,995, but the entry says you should call for special pricing.

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  • Mark February 24, 2010, 11:49 am

    I’ll wait until it makes it to Pawn Stars. 🙂

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