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A Watch for Astronomers

on January 12, 2010 8:59 am

At least it’s a watch for the amateur astronomers!  ThinkGeek offers the Astrodea Celestial watch for about $600. It’s pricey, but the face revolves to show a real-time display of the position of stars and the sun.  The watch displays 1109 stars (brighter than +4.8 magnitude) and 169 galaxies.  Sorry, but it’s only accurate if you are near 35 North latitude.  It’s not just a pretty face; you can use it to measure sunrise & sunset. meridian, celestial equator, and many other things.  It comes in a presentation box with a 10X magnifier.


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    Geakz says:

    I can barely see the date window on my own watch. Does this come with a jeweler’s eyepiece?

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