Unotron Washable Keyboards

unotron washable keyboardHave you ever fried a keyboard because you spilled a drink on it?  Do you have to share a keyboard at work and you wonder how clean those keys are – especially now when everyone is concerned with preventing H1N1?  Unotron makes a line of waterproof, washable keyboards, mice, and even card readers.  They offer corded and wireless products that can actually be submerged in hospital sanitizing solutions.  They are still inexpensive enough that home users can afford them.  Corded waterproof, antimicrobial keyboards start at $46; mice start at about $50.

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  2. Not just hospitals or clumsy users.

    Training labs, where students routinely eat lunch next to their keyboards, are a great place for this product.

    Only question I have is that the configuration is for Windows with the Control key on the outside, the Window key next, and the Alt key on the inside.

    The company says the keyboards will works on the Mac. But I wouldn’t want to have to reach all the way over to get to the Command (Control) key.

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