Griffin Clarifi Case with a Macro Lens for iPhone 3G

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Griffin has a polycarbonate case for the iPhone 3G that offers a macro lense for the iPhone’s camera.  Griffin says the iPhone’s camera normally takes 18 inches to focus.  Slide the Clarifi’s lens into place over the camera to take close-up photos requiring only 4 inches to focus.  The polycarbonate cover is available in white or black, and you can charge and sync your phone without removing it from the case.  The Clarifi case is $34.99 from Griffin.

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  • Rob Bongiovi January 2, 2010, 10:23 am

    I’ve had one of these for almost a year — it works very well and I recommend it to anyone who reads or uses Evernote to keep track of things! One downside: during a vacation this summer, a sunscreen I was using reacted with the case’s coating and caused the outer layer to start peeling. First, be careful! Second, Griffin was incredibly helpful — they sent me a new case at no charge with no questions asked after I explained the symptoms. Highly recommend!

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