Samsung Galaxy S8

Here’s a new flash: cell phones are expensive.  With the upcoming flagship phones from Samsung, Google, and Apple the upward trend in pricing probably won’t stop.  So with a significant investment in technology that generally lives in your pocket or in a bag, most people develop a powerful motivation to protect that investment.  The Peel… Read More

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the nicest looking smartphones ever to be created. So why would you want to cover it up with a generic plastic case that adds bulk, and takes away from the aesthetic of the phone? One case that protects the phone without detracting from its beauty is the Full… Read More

Building on the success of their leather cases for the iPhone, Mujjo’s new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ cases feature a minimal slim design that is fully covered with premium quality full-grain leather that will develop a wonderful patina as it ages. The Mujjo cases which will be available in black or brown will have… Read More

I have to wait till 5/9 before I can pre-order the unlocked versions of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. But if you have already pre-ordered one of Samsung’s newest flagship phones from your favorite wireless carrier, you might want to consider also ordering a case for it. When I checked out these new phones… Read More