BREEO Live Fire Pizza Oven review

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REVIEW – Last summer I was fortunate enough to review the Breeo Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit and X Series Chairs. I had been looking for a good quality firepit and a pair of Adirondack-type chairs with a style that I would like and would match the decor that I was trying to create in my backyard. Not only did these products exceed my expectations, but I became an instant fan of the design, construction, and beautifully engineered end product. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when Breeo offered a review opportunity for this BREEO Live Fire Pizza Oven that compliments their firepit.

What is it?

The BREEO Live Fire Pizza Oven allows you to make professional quality pizzas in your backyard. It is designed for easy use and delicious results.

What’s included?

Breeo Pizza Oven 2
Breeo Pizza Oven 3
Breeo Pizza Oven 5
Breeo Pizza Oven 4
Breeo Pizza Oven 6
Breeo Pizza Oven 7
Breeo Pizza Oven 8

  • 1 x BREEO Live Fire Pizza Oven
  • 1 x Cover
  • 1 x Pizza Oven Base
  • 1 x Pizza Peel
  • 1 x Serving Board

Tech specs

Breeo Pizza Oven 23

Design and features

  • BUILT TO LAST: Engineered to handle the high heat needed to deliver restaurant-quality pizzas, and made from stainless and Corten steel to withstand the elements in your backyard.
  • SUPERIOR TEMPERATURE CONTROL: The thicker pizza stones retain heat underneath the pizza, while the heat bypass chimney allows you to control the air temp, which you can observe using the built-in thermometer on the outside of the pizza oven.
  • BREEO FIRE PIT COMPATIBLE: The Live-Fire Pizza Oven is compatible with the X24, X30, and Luxeve fire pits, allowing you to utilize the superior wood-fueled heat source to reach the high temps needed for perfect pizzas.
  • AVAILABLE IN CORTEN STEEL OR STAINLESS STEEL FINISH: Arrives fully assembled. Just remove it from the box and place the oven on your pit by aligning placement tabs over the rim.
  • LIFTING HANDLES: Easily lift the oven onto and off of your Breeo fire pit using handles located on the sides of the oven.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

Breeo Pizza Oven 25
The BREEO Live Fire Pizza Oven is all metal and features a chimney on the top that can be opened or closed via a lever on the side. The sides of this oven have a rusted finish. There is also a temperature gauge on one side. On the inside, there is a shelf for the cooking stone.

Breeo Pizza Oven 24
Breeo Pizza Oven 10
Breeo Pizza Oven 11
Breeo Pizza Oven 12


I was very excited to test the BREEO Live Fire Pizza Oven. We had a planned family event at the house for the Memorial weekend holiday and my wife purchased a few ready-to-cook pizzas from Costco. As I mentioned, I had previously reviewed the Breeo Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit so this pizza oven was the perfect fit. All I needed to do was place it on top of the firepit and I used some wood from trees from my property that I had previously cut down as fuel for the fire. I put the pizza in the oven and kept turning it every few minutes. Of course, I paid attention to the temperature on the gauge at the side of the oven. It was heated to just below 400 degrees. After about 15 minutes it was ready and cooked to perfection.

Breeo Pizza Oven 13
Breeo Pizza Oven 14
Breeo Pizza Oven 15
Breeo Pizza Oven 24
Breeo Pizza Oven 16
Breeo Pizza Oven 17
Breeo Pizza Oven 18
Breeo Pizza Oven 19
Breeo Pizza Oven 20
Breeo Pizza Oven 21
The photo below shows the opinions of the most formidable critics. It was a 5-star review!! 🙂

Breeo Pizza Oven 22

What I like about BREEO Live Fire Pizza Oven

  • I love the design including the rustic and nostalgic look
  • The build quality is great
  • The handles on the side are necessary and well-thought-out
  • It matches perfectly with the firepit
  • All I need is wood. This is all-natural cooking
  • I can also be next to a warm fire since it uses the firepit

What needs to be improved?

  • Nothing

Final thoughts

The BREEO Live Fire Pizza Oven is a great addition to my backyard and to the gatherings that we have during the summer. The pizza cooks well and the oven is also a conversation piece. The fact that it works as an add-on to my Breeo firepit is also great. Another well-made, well-designed product from Breeo. Two thumbs way up!!

Price: $850
Where to buy: Breeo website and Home Depot
Source: Breeo provided a free sample of this product for this review. Breeo did not have a final say on the review and did not preview this review before it was published.

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