Breeo Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit and X Series Chair review – create your own backyard oasis

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REVIEW – 2023 has been a real year of progress for me in my quest to transform my backyard into an oasis for me and my family. This year I have managed to make several of my visions a reality including building planter beds and an Arbor all from my own design ideas. Then to add another level of coziness to that space, I wanted to add a fireplace and 2 attractive outdoor chairs. I have been researching these items all year and I was struggling to make a decision when Breeo offered me their Luxeve Fire Pit and 2 X Chairs to review. Boy am I excited, so let’s get to it!

What is it?

The Breeo Luxeve® fire pit is designed to transform your backyard with a high-end design and the ultimate smokeless experience. Elevate any outdoor space with the Luxeve fire pit’s bold and beautiful features while maintaining Breeo’s signature smokeless performance and durability.

The Breeo X Series Chair is built to be the ultimate campfire chair. Designed with an elevated seating position so you can engage with the fire and conversation, the X Series Chair introduces comfort and function to backyard furniture.

What’s in the box?

X Chairs: (I got 2 to review)

  • 1 x X Chair (I received 2)
  • 1 x Set of Tools
  • 1 x Breeo Brochure

The Luxeve Fire Pit

  • 1 x Luxeve Fire Pit
  • 1 x Fire Pit Cover
  • 1 x Bag of Glass Pebbles

The Breeo Base

  • 1 x Breeo Base


Breeo X Chair:

Breeo Luxeve Fire Pit:

Design and features

X Series Chair:

  • Sustainable Material – Made in our shop in Lancaster, PA from sustainable poly lumber with 304 stainless steel accents.
  • Built to Last – X Series Chairs are built to endure the elements and are warranted against chipping, peeling, rotting, splintering, or cracking.
  • Ergonomic Design – Elevated seating position keeps you in the warmth and in the conversation. No more leaning too far back, or sitting on the edge of your seat.
  • Compatible Accessories – Customize your Chair with the OutRig Accessory Lineup.
  • Easy Assembly – Find X Series Chair assembly instructions here.
  • Color stable – Has built-in UV protection so the color does not fade.

Luxeve Fire Pit Features:

The Luxeve® Smokeless Fire Pit offers a sophisticated and modern alternative to the traditional backyard fire pit. The design of the Luxeve radiates beauty and elevates any backyard space. With the customizable features of both fire pit color and glass pebbles, this fire pit has the ability to complement any backyard theme. The sophisticated aesthetic paired with the Breeo® patented X Airflow™ Technology means that this fire pit can enhance any outdoor space, feature as the focal point of all your backyard gatherings, and offer you the comfort of a wood-burning, smokeless fire experience.

The Breeo fire pits are engineered to drastically reduce their smoke output, simultaneously saving your eyes and the environment. Fires emit smoke because of 3 reasons: lack of heat, lack of oxygen, or the wrong fuel. The key to a smokeless system is creating more airflow and burning a hotter fire. This is why we designed our patented X Airflow™ System. This X design is incorporated into the bottom of every Breeo Fire Pit for the purpose of creating primary combustion. Meanwhile, double-walled convection pulls air up into the walls to reburn the smoke on its way out of the fire pit (aka secondary combustion). The result is a fire pit that allows a relaxing evening around the campfire without having to dodge billows of smoke constantly. On the outer top edge, there is a tray around the cu=ircumference for the glass pebbles. The included cover is also made of metal and has built-in guides to make sure that it fits evenly and properly.

The Breeo X Chairs are made of poly lumber and have a sturdy and sort of sleek feel to them. They are not folding chairs.

BREEO 12 1


The Breeo X Chairs arrive in 4 sections that you just attach together using the provided screws and the included tool. Assembly is very easy and straightforward. You can watch their assembly video. There is no assembly needed for the fire pit.


The Breeo X Chairs are sturdy and remarkably comfortable. When I first saw them and felt the actual chair, I thought that they could possibly be hard to sit on, but I was so wrong. I love sitting in these chairs. And the chair’s back is at the correct angle for comfort and good posture.

The Luxeve fire pit is easy to get going. Just place your wood and tinder or whatever firestarter you use and light it and you’re good to go. I did use Duraflame logs and Tinder, but next time I will be using real logs and Tinder. Breeo does provide a recommendation for starting, maintaining, and putting out a fire:
Here is what the 2 X Chairs and the Luxeve fire pit look like in my backyard oasis:

Recommended Fire Pit accessories to purchase:
Breeo Spark Screen: $220
Breeo Base: $309
Breeo Ash Shovel: $40
Breeo Fire Poker: $69
All of their accessories come with a Lifetime Warranty.

What I like

  • X Chairs are solid and well built
  • X Chairs are comfortable
  • X Chairs are very attractive and blend well into my surrounding environment
  • The Luxeve Fire Oit is well-built and no assembly is required
  • The Luxeve Fire Pit is also a very attractive addition to my backyard
  • The Luxeve Fire Pit is almost 100% smokeless

What I’d change

  • I wish the Spark Screen was included

Final thoughts

The Breeo Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit and X Series Chair3 are an amazing combination of comfort, luxury, warmth, and ambiance. And all of this is wrapped in quality and elegance. I know that the price may seem high compared to other similar items on the market, but this is a case of “you get what you pay for”. If you see, feel, and get to enjoy these items, you would understand the price versus value. Also, the warranty that Breeo offers is second to none:

  • Breeo, LLC warrants to the original purchaser that the Breeo Fire Pits and Accessories are free from workmanship and material defects during the lifetime of the original purchaser. In addition, Breeo, LLC warrants no rust-through or burn-through for a period of five (5) years from purchase.
  • Breeo X Chair – 20-year limited warranty

This is definitely the touch that my backyard needs to complete the feel of an oasis and to take it over the top. All I can say to Breeo is very well done and two thumbs way up!!

Price: $1899 – Luxeve Fire Pit; $399 – X Series Chair (each)
Where to buy: Breeo website and a selection of their products are also on Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Breeo.

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