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REVIEW – I’ve got an old beater truck, a ’91 Chevy with quite a few miles on it. I don’t drive it often but it’s great when I need it. One day I did need it and when I tried to crank it, all I got was a dreaded ticking. Dead battery. I guess I let it sit too long.  Ok, well I guess I can use the van. I’ll slap my older battery charger on it and check it later. I was able to crank it but no longer needing it, I just let it go at that. A couple days later I went to crank it to make sure it would be ready for the next time. Nope, dead again. I knew I needed a new battery. Meanwhile, the offer to review the Topdon V2200plus jump pack and battery tester became available for review, so I jumped at the chance. I wanted to see firstly, if it could jump the big boy off and secondly, if it could tell me just what was wrong with my battery. Let’s see how it did.

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What is it?

The Topdon V2200Plus is a 2-in-1 jump pack and battery tester offering up to 35 jumps on one charge, a built-in flashlight, charging for USB devices, and Bluetooth connectivity to the JumpSurge app for diagnostics.

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What’s included?

  • Topdon V2200Plus jump starter
  • Bluetooth module with battery clamps
  • Case
  • Quick start guide
  • Instruction manual
  • USB A to USB C charging cable

Tech specs

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  • Peak amps 2200A
  • Capacity (mAh) 16000
  • Startup capacity 8L gas and 6L diesel
  • Battery testing
  • Jump capacity 35
  • Output USB1: QC18W 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A
    USB2: 5V/2A DC: 10A Max 16.8V
  • Input Type C: Bidirectional, PD60W
    5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/3A

Design and features

The Topdon V2200Plus jump pack and battery tester is said to start all 12V battery vehicles.  It started my truck quite easily even with the bad battery. Topdon says it can start up to 8L gas engines as well as up to 6L diesel engines. So that should cover most folks’ needs, especially with the 2200A peak current. They also say it will provide up to 35 jumps on one charge, but I’m guessing that all depends on the vehicle you need to jump, more on that later.

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With the JumpSurge app available for both Android and IOS, you can test lead acid batteries. it allows you to analyze a battery’s voltage, state of health, and state of charge with its tests. Cranking tests can monitor cranking times and cranking voltages. you can also check cold cranking amps to the rated CCA, and the overall battery health status.

The lead with the clamps has Bluetooth capability that allows connectivity to your phone via the app.

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There’s also that little Boost button. Topdon says that’s for use with stubborn batteries. If for whatever reason, the V2200Plus won’t jump your battery, press and hold that Boost button for 1 second then try again within 30 seconds of activation.

There’s also an LED as an Error indicator. If it’s green then everything is connected correctly and you’re ready to proceed. If it turns red, then you’ll want to make sure you haven’t reversed polarity, have a short circuit, or it’s detected over temperature.

The Topdon V2200Plus jump pack and battery tester also has a built-in flashlight in case you’re having to jump a car in the dark. It provides 300 lumens and has 3 different modes; constant ON, SOS, and blinking which they call strobe.

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It’s not the most powerful light, but it’ll be nice to have when you’re rooting around under the hood at night.

The Topdon V2200Plus isn’t just a jump pack and battery tester. It also acts as a power pack for any USB devices that may need a charge if you’re stuck on the side of the road. If it’s not your truck battery that’s the problem, at least you can make the call for a tow and still peruse the Gadgeteer website without worry of a dead phone.

The Topdon V2200Plus has 6 safety features built in to keep you from blowing yourself up, at least where the battery is concerned. It will detect reverse connections, reverse charging, short circuits, over current, over temperature, and over-discharge. Meanwhile, Topdon has made it drop, dust, and water-resistant.


The Topdon V2200Plus jump pack and battery tester worked extremely well for me. When I first received it, I immediately jumped off Ol’ Blue. After a little wiggling of the clamps, he fired right up. I connected to the app and ran some tests highlighted in the pictures above and found out I had a bad cell. I didn’t know all the particulars of the battery at that time and made some educated guesses to fill in the required information for the test. I then turned off the truck and let it sit for a few days. I then went back and tried to start the truck again. Dead again. So I used the V2200Plus again, and it jumped the truck again. This time I ran the battery test with the correct information for my battery and got the same results, a bad cell. Like I said, I already knew I had a bad battery, but no, I know why it was bad. It was 4 years old, and I had let it go flat, so shame on me. At least with the Topdon V2200Plus, I wouldn’t be stranded somewhere or have to find someone who would give me a jump.

The app has a wealth of information that I’ll never use but it’s cool to have in case I ever wanted to. Topdon says the V2200Plus can provide up to 35 jumps, but I don’t think they had Ol’ Blue in mind when they wrote that. On a full charge, the power level went down to 75% after one jump. That’s not a deal breaker for me. I’m going to top it off after a jump anyway, and I hope I never have to jump anything off 35 times before recharging it.

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One odd thing I noticed was that when I first connected the jump pack to my truck’s battery, the V2200Plus produced a clicking noise. It stops after a bit, but then it won’t start my truck. If I disconnect the clamps and reconnect them, the clicking starts up and if I then try to crank the truck, it fires right up. I didn’t read anything in the manual that described anything like that other than when you use the Boost feature, you have 30 seconds to try to start your vehicle. Is that normal? Is something faulty? I don’t know. I mean, the Topdon V2200Plus worked for me, so I’ll be replacing those bulky jumper cables of mine with it.

Update 4/11/24 – Topdon explained the clicking:

Regarding the clicking noise, in normal mode, in order to intelligently identify the car battery, this sound is because there is a relay in the product. When you connect the jump starter to the battery, the relay will open or close, resulting in a clicking sound. The core purpose is to perform a protective function when starting the car to prevent any impact on the car.

What I like about the Topdon V2200Plus jump pack and battery tester

  • It worked as advertised
  • Solid build
  • Easy to use
  • Numerous safety features

What needs to be improved?

  • Explanation of the clicking when I connect it to my battery

Final thoughts

The Topdon V2200Plus jump pack and battery tester is the first jump pack I’ve ever used, so I was quite happy that it was powerful enough to start my beater truck. It also satisfied my curiosity about what the actual problem with the battery was. So, win-win for me. It’s compact and has a storage case that makes it so much easier to throw behind the seat of my truck, and I don’t have to try to find someone to help me jump the truck off should I need it when out and about. Conversely, if someone else needs a jump, it’ll be so much easier and safer to use this to get them going. Yes, I’m more willing to help than ask for it. Time will tell about the longevity of the Topdon V2200Plus jump pack and battery tester but in the meantime, it’s going in Ol’ Blue. Oh, and yes, I got a new battery.

Price: $129.99
Where to buy: Topdon and Walmart
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by Topdon. Topdon did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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