HLTH Code plant based complete meal shakes review

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REVIEW – I’ve reviewed several meal replacement shakes over the years, including the original shakes from HLTH Code back in 2021. They recently created a new plant-based version of their meal shakes, which I will talk about today.

What is it?

HLTH Code plant-based complete meal shakes are nutritionally complete meal replacement shakes that are low-carb and keto-friendly because they only have 4g net carbs per serving.

A little background on me

I like HLTH Code complete meal shakes because they are keto-friendly. If you’re not familiar with keto, it’s a diet that is very low in carbs and high in fat. If you’re a pre-diabetic like me, too many carbs will spike your blood glucose, and day after day of blood sugar spikes can eventually cause pre-diabetes to turn into full-blown diabetes. That’s something I do not ever want to happen to me because my mother died at age 58 from complications due to not properly managing her diabetes.

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Just like with their original meal shakes, HLTH Code’s new plant-based shakes are available in two flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla. The mixes come in large bags with Ziploc-style closures, which makes them convenient to grab out of the cabinet when you need to mix up a quick and healthy meal for home or on the go.

Let’s talk about nutrition

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Each bag has enough mix to make either thirty 200-calorie shakes or fifteen 400-calorie shakes. Each mix has basically the same ingredients and nutrition details. The image above is the chocolate version of HLTH Code’s plant-based mix. You can click the image if you want to dive deep into the ingredients. Not into nutrition scuba diving? Then here is a high level look:

Calories: 200 or 400, your choice (1 or 2 scoops)
Protein: 14g or 27g based on your 1 or 2 scoop serving choice
Total fat: 14g or 27g based on your 1 or 2 scoop serving choice
Net carbs: 2g or 4g based on your 1 or 2 scoop serving choice

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A full serving will also give you 50% of your daily value for some vitamins and minerals like Vitamin D, A, C, E, K2, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, B6, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, and more. The shakes are also dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO and include 15+ grams of probiotics for gut health.

How to make a HLTH Code complete meal shake

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Making an HLTH Code meal shake is about as easy as it gets. Grab a shaker cup, fill it with 10-12 ounces of water (for a full serving), add 2 level scoops of the HLTH Code mix, shake, chill, and then drink up!

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Now on to the important questions. How do these shakes taste, and will they keep you full until your next meal? I tried both HLTH Code flavors and enjoyed both. However, taste will always be subjective from person to person. I can tell you that the chocolate flavor is chocolatey, and the vanilla flavor is vanilla-y. 😉 Both flavors are not super sweet which I think is a good thing (for me) because they don’t trigger my sweet tooth that leaves me wanting even more sweets.

The shakes are filling and can easily replace a meal. Again, this is what I found for myself as a 134-pound 5’6″ female who works from home and sits at a desk for most of the day. If you are very active, these shakes might not hold you until your next regular meal.

They are tasty, but there may be an issue for some

Despite its many benefits, the plant-based HLTH Code shakes may not be the most stomach-friendly for those unaccustomed to high fiber intake. The protein source for the shakes is a fermented blend of pea and rice protein. I personally seem to have some digestive issues with this combo. What happens? Let’s just say that you won’t want to be around me for a couple of hours after I drink one of these shakes. It’s not pleasant… even I want to run away from myself 😉

Also, note that a blender might be necessary for the best texture. On HLTH Code’s site, they make a point of saying that their shakes aren’t gritty. But when I only used a shaker bottle to mix the shakes, I noticed a very fine, gritty texture. You will know what I mean if you have used pea protein shakes before.  When I used a blender, it helped a lot, but it didn’t completely remove it. Even though there’s a very fine gritty/sandy texture, the shakes are still creamy and smooth.

What I like about the HLTH Code plant-based complete meal shakes

  • Nutritious
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Extra vitamins and minerals
  • Easy to mix
  • Convenient

What needs to be improved?

  • The texture could be improved even further
  • More flavors would be great

Final thoughts

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HLTH Code’s new plant-based complete meal shakes are a convenient option for the busy lifestyles of people who are serious about what they put in their bodies, whether they are following the Keto diet, are vegan, or just want a healthier on-the-go meal option. I’m happy to recommend them as long as you can tolerate the type of plant-based protein used in these shakes.

Price: $64.95/bag ($4.33/meal), or save with a subscription that brings the price to $54.95/bag ($3.66/meal)
Where to buy: HLTH Code and Amazon (original version)
Source: The sample for this review was provided by HLTH Code. HLTH Code did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

2 thoughts on “HLTH Code plant based complete meal shakes review”

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  2. Donald Schoengold

    Here is my issue w all of these liquid replacement meals. Part of the response to eating is the act of chewing something and swallowing something as opposed just drinking a glass of something. You don’t feel like you have eaten a meal if you just drink it down even if what you drank had the proper nutritional and caloric values. I want tp feel like I have actually eaten something. That is why I do not feel that something like this would work form me.

    1. Donald, I understand completely and I used to feel that way too. But I sometimes like the fact that I’m not filling up to the point of feeling too full. Especially when I’m in a cutting back phase. When I don’t eat too much food by drinking a shake instead, I feel like I’m doing something positive towards my goals. <- I say this because I'm up 10 pounds in the last year and started cutting back this week and the HLTH Code shakes have replaced one meal every other day for me.

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