Gerber ComplEAT 6-Piece Cutting Board Set review – This meal prep kit is a cut above the rest!

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Gerber Compleat Rev 0015

REVIEW – After years of dealing with soggy hamburgers and hot dogs, I finally decided to upgrade my camping cuisine. Now, when I’m enjoying the great outdoors, dinner is either a nice steak cooked over the campfire or some other simply prepared protein. While this cuts down on the amount of condiments and soggy rolls in the cooler, it does necessitate having good food prep gear.

Since space is always at a premium when camping, my prep kit has to be as compact as possible. Enter the Gerber ComplEAT 6-Piece Cutting Board Set. This 6-piece set has everything I need to prep and consume delicious meals while in the wild. At $110, the kit isn’t cheap, but the components, especially the razor-sharp chef and paring knives, are of outstanding quality. I enjoyed using this kit so much it’s replaced the Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen Kit that I’ve been using since 2016.

What is it?

The Gerber ComplEAT 6-Piece Cutting Board Set is a compact, outdoor meal preparation kit. The durable kit includes two dual-sided cutting boards made from bamboo and polypropylene, a 3.25-inch paring knife, a 6-inch chef knife, and a storage tray.

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The ComplEAT Cutting Board Set ships in a very stylish box with a cutout exposing the bamboo cutting board surface. The box has tons of details about the kit and full-color photos.

What’s included?

  • Bamboo Cutting Board
  • Polypropylene Cutting Board
  • 6″ Chef Knife
  • 3.25″ Paring Knife
  • Removable Inner Tray
  • Base Tray
  • User Guide

Gerber Compleat Rev 0018

Tech specs

  • Bamboo Cutting Board
    • Material: Bamboo
    • Dimensions: 15.6″ x 9.6″
  • Polypropylene Cutting Board
    • Material: Polypropylene
    • Dimensions: 14.3″ x 8.9″
    • Color: Baltic Haze
  • 6″ Chef Knife & 3.25″ Paring Knife
    • Blade: 4116 German stainless steel
    • Finish: Stonewash
    • Handle: Glass-filled polypropylene knife handles
    • Color: Baltic Haze
    • Blade: Plain edge
    • Grip: Textured Overmolded Rubber
  • Removable Inner Tray & Base Tray
    • Material: Polypropylene
    • Color: Light & Dark Baltic Haze
    • Weight: 4.25 lb

Gerber Compleat Rev 0021

Design and features

Say what you want about Gerber as a brand, one thing they’ve always excelled at is smart design. The ComplEAT kit is no exception, except maybe for the corny name. As utilitarian as this kit is, it still looks great whether sitting on my kitchen shelf or packed into the truck alongside my camping gear.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0026

Almost all of the design choices are both stylish and functional. The grooves on the edges of the bamboo cutting board are a perfect example of this.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0025

Both cutting boards are dual-sided and have grooves which not only frame the boards well but work to channel away any juices. The Gerber logo is also nicely featured on the cutting boards, etched into one side discreetly.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0022

The bamboo cutting board functions as a cover for the kit, securing via compression latches to a removable storage tray.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0027

While the bamboo cutting board is perfect for cutting fruits and vegetables, the polypropylene board is perfect for preparing meats.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0030

This board has rubber feet on both sides to keep it from sliding around during use.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0031

The polypropylene board has the same “juice” grooves found on the bamboo board and sits just under that board when the kit is packed up for transport or storage.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0032

The surface of the polypropylene board is slightly textured and also has a small Gerber logo etched into one side.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0034

Beneath the polypropylene board is a deep inner tray that holds the kit’s knives.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0035

I love the extra storage area of the inner tray; it’s great for keeping additional utensils or food prep tools.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0037

The included chef and paring knives have storage slots clearly marked with silhouettes of the knives engraved in the base of the tray.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0038

The knives slide easily into their slots and are held in place by the blades and small tabs that insert into the knives’ handles.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0040

Both handles snap securely in place; the only issue I have with this system is that you can’t use the holes in the knives’ handles for lanyards and for holding them in their slots.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0042

Beneath the inner tray is an even deeper storage tray that acts as a base and container for the whole kit.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0044

The real stars of the ComplEAT set, though, are the 6″ Santoku-inspired chef knife and the 3.25″ paring knife.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0045

I really like the textured stonewash finish of the knives and their steeply angled grinds. The grind on these knives makes them incredibly sharp and super effective at cutting, slicing, and chopping. I’ve purchased several high-end chef knives before, and none of them were this sharp out of the box.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0046

The paring knife is just as sharp and has a nice long edge tapered to a point. I use this knife for paring, but also for when I’m eating my meal as it’s the perfect size for dining.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0049

The blades are made of 4116 German stainless steel which makes them corrosion-resistant and helps to maintain their sharp edges.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0052

Both knives have glass-filled polypropylene handles overloaded with rubber for grip.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0053

The grips on both knives have the same contours and slight stippling on the inside. I really appreciate the grip on these, especially on the larger chef knife. The textured rubber helps maintain control of the knife even with wet hands.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0055

For comparison, I broke out my well-worn Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen Kit that I bought way back in 2016. After taking the kit on a few camping trips, I loved using the knives so much I started keeping them in my kitchen instead of packed with my gear. I’ve used these knives pretty much every day since I bought the kit and it shows.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0056

The design evolution is pretty clear when the kits are laid side-by-side. The ComplEAT knives have more traditional profiles and handles while the Freescape ones look and handle more like Bushcraft knives.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0057

The cutting boards are vastly different as well. The Freescape board is just big enough to hold the knives inside of a pull out compartment. The ComplEAT boards are much larger and made of higher quality materials. Additionally, the extra features of the ComplEAT boards, like rubber feet and larger surface areas make them much safer to use.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0060

Assembly, Installation, Setup

The ComplEAT set comes pre-assembled; all that’s required really is a quick wash with warm soapy water prior to first use.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0064

It’s also good to familiarize yourself with the set’s components, and put any additional tools you might need into the storage area.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0020

I like to treat my wood and bamboo cutting boards with mineral oil before I use them and then about once a month to keep them from drying out and cracking.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0059

As I mentioned, the blades are very sharp out of the box, so aside from washing them, there’s not much setup required.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0016


In regular use, the ComplEAT kit performs really well. Preparing, cooking, and eating my favorite meal, steak, is an absolute joy. The chef knife cuts through steak like warm butter, and the paring knife is great to use while dining. The bamboo cutting board is meant to be used primarily for fruits and vegetables, but it works great for meat. The delicious juices flow right into the grooves as intended, and the large size of the board allows for working on larger cuts of meat.

Gerber Compleat Rev 0061

Overall, I couldn’t have enjoyed using the ComplEAT kit more. I’m really happy to have it in my kitchen repertoire and ready to hit the road with me on my outdoor adventures.

What I like

  • Incredibly sharp blades out of the box
  • Extra storage inside tray
  • Easy to keep clean & dishwasher safe

What needs to be improved

  • A little bit too large to be considered compact
  • Can’t use lanyard holes and secure knives with interior tabs
  • Expensive

Final thoughts

I absolutely love the Gerber ComplEAT 6-Piece Cutting Board Set, even with the silly name. From the utilitarian, yet sleek, design touches, to the scary-sharp chef and paring knives, this kit hits all the right notes. Whether out in the wild or at home, I always find myself reaching for these cutting boards and knives when I’m prepping a meal. The only gripe I have is that the set is a little bit bigger than I’d prefer for easy packing. However, the expanded size makes it easier to prepare larger meals and store more items inside the set. At $110, the kit might seem pricey, but when you take into consideration that a high-quality chef knife alone can cost upwards of $200, it’s actually a great deal.

Price: $110.00
Where to buy: Gerber
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by Gerber. Gerber did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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