TCL 65″ Q7 4K QLED HDR Smart TV with Google TV review – A beauty to behold

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REVIEW – Back before the Super Bowl, TCL reached out to our Head Gadgeteer, Julie, to see if anyone might be interested in reviewing their 65″ 65Q750G 4K QLED HDR Smart TV. I can only assume Julie’s answer would have been similar to mine which would’ve been Duh?! Who wouldn’t? With that out of the way, Julie, being the kind soul she is, put out the call to see who on the team would be interested in sacrificing their time watching TV, movies, YouTube videos, and sports (if you’re so inclined) on a beautiful 4K screen. I couldn’t respond fast enough to the email to say, ME! ME! ME! Our living room TV was about 15 years old and was really showing its age. It’s been a good one but was only 1080p and I’ve been jonesing for a long time to get a 4K. Needless to say, I was constantly checking and refreshing my email awaiting a reply. Then it came with a response it’s yours. I was over the moon! I’d never had a TCL TV before much less a 4K. I immediately started making a mental list of all the movies I wanted to watch again. Then it arrived. Would it be everything I hoped for? It’s a major upgrade from my old Samsung 55″ but how would it perform? If you want to know what I think about it, then you have to keep on reading, folks.

What is it?

The TCL 65″ Q7 4K QLED HDR Smart TV with Google TV is just that. It is truly a beautiful window into the world of entertainment whether you’re a movie buff, sports fanatic, or hardcore gamer.

What’s included?

  • TCL 65Q750G
  • Voice remote with batteries
  • Manual

Tech specs

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TCL 5Q750G

Screen Size 65″

Viewable Display Size 64.5″

Description True Premium TV

Wi-Fi Dual Band 802.11ac Wi-Fi

Multilingual On-Screen-Display English, Spanish, French

Closed Caption Yes

Parental Control (V-Chip) Yes

Accessible Menu System (CVAA) Yes

Sleep Timer Yes

JPEG / MP3 for USB Yes

Audio Power (Watts) 15W + 15W

Audio Passthrough Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital +, Dolby Digital, PCM, DTS HD

Dolby Processing Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital +

Smart Platform Signal Format Compatibility
Google TV

Display Technology QLED

Panel Refresh Rate 120Hz

Panel Resolution 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)

Display Colors 1.07 billion

Local Dimming Type Full Array PRO Local Dimming

High Dynamic Range Format HDR PRO+, Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10, HLG

Connections – Inputs/Outputs
AV Input
Composite Video + L&R Audio In (Mini 3.5mm connector)

Audio Output 1

RF Input (NTSC, ATSC) 1

Ethernet 1

USB 1 USB 2.0


SPDIF Digital Audio Optical 1

Audio Output Headphone 1

Product & Package Information
Product Size (WxHxD) with Stand 56.9″ x 35.2″ x 13.4″

Product Size (WxHxD) without stand 56.9″ x 32.9″ x 2.8″

Product Weight with stand (lbs) 45.0 lbs

Product Weight without stand (lbs) 44.3 lbs

Package Size (WxHxD) (inches) 64.8″ x 39.4″ x 6.5″

Total Package Weight (lbs) 63.7 lbs

VESA Mounting Specifications
VESA Hole Pattern 300mm x 300mm

Screw Size M6 x 18mm

Base Stand Specifications
Screw Size (Qty) M5x30 (4)

Energy Information
Energy Star No

Standby Power <0.5W

1 year limited warranty


Design and features

I thought I’d do this review a little differently with fingers crossed that it’s ok to diverge a little from our format a little. My thought was to find out what people should and/or do look for in a new TV and then try to answer those questions with what the TCL 65Q750G has to offer in that regard.

tcl 65q750g 11


So when looking at new TVs, there are a lot of acronyms to know. In regards to resolution, there are HD, FHD, and UHD are the most important in my opinion. When looking at 4K TVs, you want to see UHD, Ultra High Definition which is a resolution of 3840 x 2160p. Anything less than that is old news. The TCL 65Q750G is certainly that. The picture is so crystal clear and sharp that it feels like looking through a window at times. Some of the best videos I found to watch when first experiencing 4K with this TV. YouTube has tons of 4k nature videos that truly amazed me when compared to my old FHD, 1080p. And being a movie lover, the first movie I started on the TCL was Dune, not the David Lynch one, but Denis Villenueve’s masterpiece. I’ve only watched it 6 times and due to the beautiful picture, I now have my kiddos wanting to watch. Score 1 for Dad and the TCL 65Q750G. Side note: Denis’s Blade Runner 2049 also looks fantastic the 8th time around.

Refresh rate

Refresh rate is another confusing subject when considering TVs. Basically, you want at least a TV that has a 120Hz. This provides a much smoother, clearer picture, especially with fast motion on the screen.  Sometimes, you’ll see manufacturers boast up to 240Hz, but from what I’ve found most of those numbers are skewed due to software settings you can change in the TV itself. There’s one called Motion Clarity on the TCL that, when enabled, can make movies look like you’re watching live TV, something akin to soap operas. (Do they still make those?) Not only that, but it also tends to put some weird digital halo around moving objects. It’s disturbing to me and not what the filmmakers envisioned when making their blockbuster or arthouse film. If you like movies like I do, do yourself a favor, and disable that immediately. The TCL 65Q750G is rated at 120Hz with up to 240 VRR, variable refresh rate, best for gaming consoles. This was very important to my kids and the first time they played a game on it, it was very apparent why. All games looked so much clearer and awesome in the true sense of the word. Screening tearing was a thing of the past and the character movement was so much more fluid. We were seriously taken aback in an extremely positive way.

tcl 65q750g 7


HDR, high dynamic range, is a subject I’m not familiar with since, up until recently, all my TVs (yes, multiple. Don’t judge me.) and computer monitors were FHD only. What I’ve learned, though, is that it’s an important feature, which is an imaging technology that can help you see more details in the darkest and brightest areas of a picture by offering a wider range of colors, brighter whites, and deeper blacks on your TV screen. And, the TCL 65Q750G has it in spades. Not only does it support HDR, but it also supports Dolby Vision IQ, HDR +, and HDR 10. So pretty much any media with HDR support can be viewed as intended. Let me tell ya, movies encoded with HDR look fantastic on the TCL.

tcl 65q750g 6

Screen Technology

Guess what? There is a bevy of acronyms here too, when considering the screen type. The way I understand it, and please correct me if I’m wrong, all the displays are LCDs, but they can be LED, QLED, or OLED screens, and prices of the TV increase pretty much in that order when looking at similarly sized displays. The TCL 65Q750G uses the QLED display which is the middle of the road choice. It doesn’t provide as brilliant picture that OLEDs can, but it is much better than the traditional LED screen like my old Samsung. The TCL can save you a chunk of change if you want a stunning picture but don’t want to drop thousands of dollars.


The TCL 65Q750G offers several input options. While the TV has WiFi, it has an Ethernet port so you can patch into your home network if you have that availability. Next, there are 4 HDMI ports. The first one supports up to 4K at 144Hz, which confuses me a bit since the display has a refresh rate of 120Hz. I figured this was the best option for my aging PS4. I mean, bigger is better right? The second supports 120Hz, and the third and fourth support 60Hz. Additionally, the fourth port supports ARC/EARC, (more acronyms) audio return channel, which allows some control over things like soundbars or AV receivers. Oh, and you will want a separate sound source. This isn’t a knock on the TCL, but all TV speakers stink. They’re small and tinny and annoying. This HDMI port passes pretty much all audio formats and now I have a better opinion of my soundbar. The TCL 65Q750G has brought new life and appreciation to my recently purchased soundbar.

The remaining ports are a USB port for connecting to a device so you can watch your personal media, an AV In to connect to older sound devices, a headphone out, and an optical audio out. The TCL can handle pretty much any device you have.

tcl 65q750g 3

Smart TV

The TCK 65Q750G is a smart tv with Google TV. They also offer options with Roku or Fire TV. I’d never experienced the Google TV OS so I chose that. I wanted to see what they had to offer that was different from Roku and Amazon. The only real difference that I’ve found is the layout. They all operate similarly with the same options just in different places. The one thing that’s kind of annoying with Google TV is the home screen. It’s extremely busy and can be a bit of sensory overload when compared to the cleaner Roku home screen. Again, not a knock on TCL since they offer multiple choices. I will say the WiFi on the TCL TV works great. I was able to connect to my network easily and haven’t experienced any lag or disconnects at the fault of the TV. My broadband provider is a different story.

tcl 65q750g 4


This may not be important to most but since this is how you’re going to search for media, change settings, and adjust volume, then I thought it was important. The remote is the size of one of those king-sized candy bars you know you shouldn’t buy but do anyway, or maybe that’s just me. It connects via Bluetooth which is fantastic since my soundbar blocked the IR sensor on my old TV. No more having to contort my arm to get the right angle to make selections. However, to power on the TV, you do have to hit the IR sensor. Not thinking, one morning I couldn’t get the TV to power on and couldn’t figure out why until I realized Bluetooth isn’t going to work without power. Duh. I blame it on the lack of coffee.

tcl 65q750g 10 scaled

The layout is nothing groundbreaking or outrageous. It’s very similar to the Roku and Fire devices I’ve used in the past. It does have a voice option which is very handy when searching and powering off the TV. I’m sure it can do more than that but so far, I’m pleased just to have that.

Assembly, Installation, Setup

I’m not going to belabor this subject. Assembly is simple but does require two people. The feet are two separate pieces and are attached with screws.

tcl 65q750g 9 1

Installation is also easy. Connect power and your devices and you’re ready for set up. The setup was a bit confusing since I was unfamiliar with Google TV. I was able to add the TV to my account easily enough, it was just finding the right options to get the screen set the way I wanted it and get my sound bar to act accordingly. No fault of TCL.

tcl 65q750g 5


I have been extremely happy with the performance of the TCL 65Q750G since replacing my old Samsung. The picture is phenomenal. Colors are vibrant and blacks are deep and appropriately dark. One of the things I’m most happy with is I no longer get the blooming effect in dark scenes that I just had to accept on my old TV. That may seem weird to some folks, but it could destroy my willing suspension of disbelief when I really got into a good movie.

What I like about TCL 65Q750G Smart TV

  • Everything

What needs to be improved?

  • Nothing that I can think of

Final thoughts

Look, I know I missed discussing something in my review of this TV. I tried to hit the high points so most readers would get this far, but if there are any questions you have, feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll help out the best I can. The TCL 65Q750G is a major leap forward for me. I love this thing. Picture quality is fantastic. It has made my soundbar better. Video games are vibrant and smooth. My whole family is enjoying it. One thing I will add that I didn’t know until receiving it though, not all streaming providers provide 4K content by default. Yep, you guessed it, you have to pay extra. Netflix is just one example. I also learned that there aren’t any OTA providers, at least in my area, that provide 4K content, so just know that. I hope this helps someone who’s on the fence about getting a new TV look at TCL as an option. So far, the 65Q750G is a wonderful product. Time will tell if it lasts as long as my old Samsung that’s been put out to pasture.

Price: $999.99 from TCL, but much less from retailers
Where to buy: TCL, Best Buy, Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by TCL. TCL did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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