EDC fanatics can build their own multi-tool!

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roxon flex 1

NEWS – The best thing about multi-tools is all the tools, and the worst thing about multi-tools is all the tools 😉 Why? Because many times, there are tools that you’ll never use. To solve this problem, the Roxon FLEX modular multi-tool will let you build your perfect multi-tool with only the tools you want and need. It features ten slots you can fill with tools, five in each handle. You can pre-order the tool with just the tools that you want and easily swap them out as you need. The base multi-tool is $40, and each individual tool is priced from $3 to $8 each. If you think the FLEX looks interesting and want to add it to your collection of EDC gear, you can place an order, which is due to ship in June. Head over to roxontool.com for more info.

roxon flex 3

roxon flex 2

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    1. Hi Norm, I didn’t know that SOG had this same functionality. A quick Google isn’t helping me find anything. Do you have a specific tool of theirs that I can look up? I’d like to see how it compares.

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