Power beyond limits with BLUETTI’s new AC240 IP65 weatherproof portable power station

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SPONSORED NEWS – BLUETTI, the pioneer in portable power solutions, is gearing up to revolutionize outdoor adventures once again with its latest innovation, the AC240 IP65 Water Resistant Portable Power Station.

Building upon the success of its predecessor, the AC60, a 600W/403Wh all-weather solar generator, BLUETTI is now raising the bar with the AC240. Scheduled for launch on April 2nd, this powerhouse provides increased power, quicker charging, innovative parallel connection, and more. It’s designed to empower adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, and emergency responders alike, enabling them to push boundaries regardless of the weather conditions.

IP65-rated Protection Against All the Elements

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Ever been caught powerless in a downpour while exploring outdoors? With the AC240, weather worries are a thing of the past. Engineered with IP65-rated protection, this powerhouse is impervious to dust and resistant to low-pressure water jets from any angle. Employing patented tech and safeguards, including independent air ducts, sealed electronic compartments, special drainage, vacuum-coated fans, and double-layer protected ports, the AC240 ensures water stays out and your power stays on.

Even if water manages to sneak in, the built-in exhaust fan swiftly expels it, while the heat dissipation system ensures rapid evaporation during operation. Whether you’re braving tough conditions on an overlanding adventure, sailing the open seas, or tackling a demanding job site, the AC240 is ready for whatever nature throws your way.

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A Comprehensive Outdoor Power Solution

Whether it is for outdoor comfort or survival challenges, power matters. The AC240 is your all-in-one power reserve, keeping you connected to the world even when exploring far from the grid. Weighing just 72 lbs (33kg) and roughly the size of a standard microwave, it fits perfectly in your trunk and quietly accompanies you on any journey.

With an impressive 2,400W output, the AC240 effortlessly fuels a host of devices including fridges, window air conditioners, microwaves, heaters, and coffee makers. Its 1,536Wh LFP battery can sustain a 20 cu. ft. fridge (1.2kWh/day) for at least one day. Plus, with its powerlifting mode, even resistive loads like a hot plate can draw up to 3600 watts, ensuring no task is too demanding.

Featuring a plethora of outlets, including 2 standard AC outlets, 1 NEMA TT-30 port, a car outlet, 2 USB-A, two USB-C, and a 12V/30A RV port, the AC240 caters to diverse power needs. Ideal for RV or boat owners, it seamlessly integrates into off-grid power systems for self-sustained adventures.

And with rapid 1.1-hour AC charging at 2,400W, you’ll always stay ahead of the power curve. For extended trips, pair the AC240 with BLUETTI’s foldable solar panels for 1,200W solar intake, recharging in 2 hours, ensuring a constant supply of clean power, no matter where your adventures take you.

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Expandable Power, Uninterrupted Backup

Never worry about running out of power in the wild with the flexible AC240, which supports capacity expansion to give you extra juice for power-intensive scenarios anytime. One AC240 can accept up to four B210 packs, 2,150Wh each, for a total capacity of 10,136Wh. These packs can also function independently as water-resistant power banks with three DC outputs and charging options.

The AC240’s output is also expandable with a truly parallel connection. While conventional “parallel” power products increase output and double voltage simultaneously (e.g., from 120V to 240V), they often limit compatibility with supported appliances. However, with BLUETTI’s unique parallel technology, you can link two AC240 units via the Parallel Box P480, delivering a substantial 4,800W output without altering voltage—a feat unmatched in the industry. This means you can confidently power large 120V appliances without the hassle of complex manual settings.

What’s more, it’s the first energy storage system that allows parallel connection to the grid while still powering your devices. (The output is down to 4,000W when charging from the grid.) Coupled with its responsive UPS function, which swiftly detects outages and automatically switches to battery power within 15 milliseconds, —a speed that leads the industry—the AC240 system provides a straightforward and robust solution for uninterrupted power supply indoors and out.

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Built Tough, Powered Smart

The AC240 is well-built to stand the test of weather and time. Utilizing the safest and most reliable lithium iron phosphate battery, it can achieve up to 100% depth of discharge and maintain 80% of its original capacity even after enduring 3,500 charge cycles, which equal to about 10 years of use. Enhanced by the advanced BLUETOPUS AI BMS, an AI-powered battery management system, the AC240 guarantees safe operation, optimal performance, and an extended lifespan.

With app control support, you can manage power, adjust charging speed, switch UPS modes, and more. Additionally, backed by a 6-year warranty, the AC240 provides years of reliable service, offering you peace of mind for the long haul.

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Availability and Pricing

The BLUETTI AC240, backed by a 6-year warranty, will be purchasable on BLUETTI’s official website and Amazon store starting April 2nd, with exclusive early bird pricing for standalone units and bundles with B210 expansion batteries. Additionally, its premium counterpart, the AC240P, boasting a larger capacity of 1,843Wh and expandability with B210P batteries, will also be available by then.


From the very beginning, BLUETTI has tried to stay true to a sustainable future by offering affordable green energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use.

BLUETTI initiated the LAAF (Lighting An African Family) program to ensure well-lit living spaces and equal learning opportunities for African residents in rural areas. Since its introduction, the program has empowered over 100K African families in Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, and beyond.

With years of innovation and a caring commitment to the environment, BLUETTI has curated an extensive and reliable product portfolio tailored for adventures, emergency backup power, and off-grid living, making a tangible and positive impact on minimizing our carbon footprint for the greater world we share.
That’s why BLUETTI has become an industry leader that makes its presence in 100+ countries and is trusted by millions of customers across the globe. For more information, please visit BLUETTI online at https://www.bluettipower.com/pages/about-us.

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