Keep dirt out of your USB-C ports with these super cheap dust plugs

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NEWS – Just like no one likes gunked up earbuds, no one likes dirt clogged USB-C ports. You know what I’m talking about: pocket lint in your iPhone’s charging port or sand from your last trip to the beach packed into your OnePlus 12‘s USB-C port. Gadgeteers, you don’t have to let your ports suffer anymore. Plug em up with these silicone port covers from AUZOSL. Yes, they are cheap and yes, you might lose one or five. But you can buy a package of 20 pieces for $3.49 and the ones you’re not using are stored in the included plastic case. Get yourself to Amazon to order a pack. Your ports will thank you.

If you want plugs you won’t lose, check out this other set with little adhesive tabs to keep them stuck to the back of your phone.

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