BLUETTI SwapSolar AC180T Power Station and Multicooler review – a fantastic cooler and power station combo

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Bluetti Swapsolar 50

REVIEW – BLUETTI has made a name for themselves the last few years by pumping out relatively high quality power stations. We’ve reviewed several of those in the past here at the Gadgeteer, but today I’ve got their latest foray into a new product category: a portable refrigerator/freezer. BLUETTI calls it the Multicooler, and when paired with their (also new) AC180T power station it can keep a lot of stuff cold for a week or more! BLUETTI’s calling the whole system the “SwapSolar,” and I’ve been testing it out for a few weeks now, so I’ll try to gather my thoughts into a coherent review.

What is it?

Bluetti Swapsolar 01

The BLUETTI SwapSolar AC180T Power Station and Multicooler is a combination power supply and portable refrigerator/freezer. There are many neat tricks that the combination of products offers, like hot-swappable battery packs that can be pulled out of the power station and inserted into the cooler to run standalone for a few days, or the ice-maker built right into the Multicooler.

What’s in the box?

Bluetti Swapsolar 02

Bluetti Swapsolar 14

  • AC180T Portable Power Station
  • F045D Multicooler
  • AC charging cable x2
  • Car charging cable x2
  • Solar charging cable (MC4) x2
  • Baskets x3
  • Storage box x1
  • Ice Basket
  • Ice scoop
  • Grounding screw
  • Manual x2

Hardware specs

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  • AC180T Power Station Capacity: 1433 Wh
  • Capacity per battery (x2): 716.8 Wh/28Ah
  • Battery Chemistry: LiFePO4 (LFP)
  • AC180T Power Station AC output: 1800 W sustained, 3600W surge (1200 W sustained with one battery inserted)
  • AC180T Power Station DC output: 365W max, 12V/10A car port, 5V/3A USB-A ports x2, 100W PD USB-C ports x2
  • AC180T Power Station AC input: 1440 W max (850W max with 1 battery)
  • AC180T Power Station DC input: 500W max
  • AC180T Power Station dual input: 1900W max (1080W with one battery)
  • AC180T Power Station connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1
  • AC180T Power Station dimensions: 15.4″ x 11″ x 15.6″ / 390mm x 280mm x 395 mm (L x W x H)
  • AC180T Power Station weight: 58.4 lbs (26.5 kg) with two batteries inserted
  • F045D Multicooler Capacity: 50 quarts / 55 liters
  • F045D Multicooler Dimensions: 29.1″ x 17.3″ x 18.7″ (L x W x H)
  • F045D Multicooler Weight: 52.9 lbs / 24 kg
  • F045D MulticoolerIP rating: IPx4
  • F045D Multicooler Temp adjustment range: -4°F – 68°F / -20°C – 20°C
  • F045D Multicooler rated power: 65W in refrigeration mode / 140 W in ice-making mode
  • F045D Multicooler refrigerant type: R600a

Design and features

Bluetti Swapsolar 07

The BLUETTI AC180T Power Station has a similar layout on the front to most other power generators I’ve reviewed: clusters of different types of inputs and outputs. An information-rich LCD panel is in the center, with power buttons and USB ports beneath. This new AC180T model looks similar to the previously reviewed Bluetti AC180, but with removable batteries, a higher storage capacity, and some other small differences.

Bluetti Swapsolar 08

The AC ports (x4) can put out a combined 1800 watts sustained load with up to 3600 watts peak (pure sine wave).

Bluetti Swapsolar 09

The LCD display is easy to read and gives all the info I’ve come to want on a power station: current power draw/input, battery left, and ETA to full/empty.  The USB ports support up to 100 watts Power Delivery (PD) on the USB-C ports, with two standard USB-A ports as well.

Bluetti Swapsolar 10

To the left of the screen lives a DC/PV input and a Car port (also known as a cigarette lighter port for us millennials and older generations).

Bluetti Swapsolar 11

On the right side is the AC input, a reset switch, and a grounding point.

Bluetti Swapsolar 12

The left side has a recessed handle like the right side that works well for carrying the nearly-60-pound unit short distances. Both sides have ventilation for fans as well, which sound like most laptop fans under load (not too loud but you’ll notice them inside an RV or small room).

Bluetti Swapsolar 03

The two battery packs inside the 180T power station are both removable, and each has a handle and release button on top.

Bluetti Swapsolar 05

There are also LED indicator lights to show battery status when removed from the AC180T.

Bluetti Swapsolar 06

A plastic cover opens to show the two removable battery packs. The AC180T can run on a single pack (though at lower output levels) if you decide to pull one out to use separately in the Multicooler. I first encountered removable battery packs with the Runhood RallyE 600, and loved the idea. Hopefully BLUETTI makes similar mini-power-station attachments to use the batteries as standalone mini power stations as well, that’s been a great feature of the Runhood systems.

Bluetti Swapsolar 16

The Multicooler looks pretty similar to most portable coolers at first glance, but it’s hiding some tricks.

Bluetti Swapsolar 17

First, a lower storage compartment can be removed (this compartment does get cold, so you can store food down here if desired). However, with it removed you can insert one of the two battery packs from the 180T power station, which will then run the Multicooler for 3+ days (depending on temperature chosen and environmental conditions).

Bluetti Swapsolar 19

The top right of the top of the cooler has an LCD info display with some capacitive touch control buttons. ETA to empty, temperature, connectivity, and ice-making functions are all displayed here.

Bluetti Swapsolar 20

Yes, there’s a built-in ice-maker. This is a first for me on a portable refrigerator. It works by pouring water into the lower reservoir (shown above).

Bluetti Swapsolar 21

An ice basket then is inserted, and as the ice cubes freeze, they fall into the basket. If unused, they melt and revert to liquid format until the icemaker is turned on again. This compartment isn’t chilled unless the ice-making is active, so don’t try to store anything here.

Bluetti Swapsolar 22

The main compartment has a deeper half and a shallower half (the battery compartment sits under the right half). Included removable baskets help organize this area.

Bluetti Swapsolar 23

The extendable handle feels solid, and works well for moving the cooler on the wheels. There are recessed handles on both ends as well for directly carrying the cooler, though it starts at 53 pounds so if you fill it with beverages/food, it will be pretty heavy and you’ll likely need 2 people or use the handle/wheel mode.

Bluetti Swapsolar 24

The wheels feel sturdy and roll smoothly. There’s also some ventilation for the compressor fans, while retaining an IPX4 weather resistance rating on the cooler.


Bluetti Swapsolar 13

Setup of the BLUETTI SwapSolar AC180T Power Station and Multicooler is pretty easy: charge up the AC180T and connect some cables depending on how you’re using the Multicooler. There is the option to connect a solar system to the AC180T and/or the Multicooler, though none were included and we had nonstop dark cloudy days and snowstorms during the review period so I didn’t have a chance to test that out.

Bluetti Swapsolar 15

If you’re running the Multicooler off the AC180T Power Station, then you can connect via DC or AC cords (DC should result in a more efficient power transfer in this case).

Bluetti Swapsolar 18

Alternatively, you can insert one of the two battery packs into the Multicooler and charge it by connecting the solar to the Multicooler or by plugging it into the AC. There are USB-A and USB-C 100W PD ports on the right side that are active only when a battery pack is inserted, making the Multicooler even more versatile in standalone mode.

Bluetti Swapsolar 35

If you’re going to make ice, simply pour some water into the ice-making compartment (up to 1 liter, 300 ml minimum). Ice drops as quickly as 10 minutes from hitting start, and you can run a single ice batch or set it to run continuously.

Finally, the optional BLUETTI app can be installed on iOS or Android to view settings and control the system from your phone. Screenshots above. The app allows for easier control than the direct button interface.


Bluetti Swapsolar 25

I started my testing of the BLUETTI SwapSolar AC180T Power Station and Multicooler by loading it with standard 12 oz soda cans. I was able to fit 35 cans (20 oz would also fit the same number)  in the main cooler compartment, with another 4 in the lower battery compartment.

Bluetti Swapsolar 40

Alternately, two gallons of milk easily fit in the lower bin. You can set this whole compartment to sub-zero temperatures as well, but there’s no way to do both refrigeration and freezing at the same time.

Bluetti Swapsolar 41

I tested the Multicooler in standalone mode (with a single battery inserted), and got 4 days set to 39 °F and eco mode. I rarely opened the cooler, and this was indoors, so in a hot environment and if you open it often you’ll be more likely to get the 3 days estimated by BLUETTI.

Bluetti Swapsolar 44

I tested temperatures with the TOPDON TC001 thermal camera, and as you can see above the interior was at -1.6 °C, so a couple of degrees below what I’d set the Multicooler. However, the milk measured with a food thermometer was at 38 °F, so it seems like the temperature setting is fairly accurate though there might be colder-than-average spots (left bottom edge) to watch out for.

Bluetti Swapsolar 47

The ice produced is very clear and comes out in small cubes as shown above. The tray is removable with a handle which is handy.

Bluetti Swapsolar 46

Ice cubes came out at just under an inch each. There is a smaller size ice setting as well which simply drops the ice out of the ice making tray earlier so they’re not as thick.

Bluetti Swapsolar 48

Finally, I did my usual space heater test (which peaks at over 2000 watts then settles down between 1600-1800). The AC180T power station had no problem at all keeping the space heater going, though it estimated 1.2 hours to fully empty at that high load. If you’re running the Multicooler alone off it, you can get a week of power from the AC180T fairly easily in mild conditions. If you added a solar panel setup, you could extend that indefinitely. I also tested out various tablets, laptops, and other devices off the AC and USB ports, all of which worked exactly as expected.

What I like

  • Removable batteries and standalone mode on the Multicooler
  • Nice storage space inside the cooler
  • Good power station performance and port selection
  • LFP battery chemistry for long life

What I’d change

  • I would have loved to see a smaller attachment for the removable batteries to use as smaller standalone power stations by themselves (like Runhood’s AC/DC “mini engines”). BLUETTI may have this planned though, we’ll have to wait and see!
  • While the ice maker is cool, I would have loved to see the option to use that small compartment as a mini freezer compartment instead, sometimes you want that pint of ice cream in addition to all the food and beverages you’re bringing to some adventure.

Final thoughts

Bluetti Swapsolar 49

Out of the several portable coolers and power stations we have lying around the house from previous reviews, the BLUETTI SwapSolar AC180T Power Station and Multicooler will be our go-to for camping and other outdoor adventures this summer. We’ve already started using it regularly for overflow milk storage for our hungry toddler, and it’s a workhorse. At 50-60 pounds each, the Multicooler and 180T Portable Power Station aren’t as small or light as other options, but the combination and capacity are perfect for our needs.

AC180T – retail price: $1299 , Super early bird price: $849 , Limited Quantity: 100
B70 removable battery – retail price $429 , Super early bird price: $299 , Limited Quantity: 300
Multicooler – retail price $899, Super early bird price: $569, Limited Quantity: 300
AC180T+Multicooler – retail price $2198, Super early bird price: $1429, Limited Quantity: 200
Where to buy: Indiegogo
Source: The sample of this product was provided by BLUETTI.

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