You’ve seen their electric bikes, but what about their electric snowboards?!

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NEWS – We’ve reviewed two of Cyrusher’s eBikes, but I didn’t know that they also make electric snowboards! If you’re an extreme sports fan, you should take a look at the Cyruser Ripple Electric Snowboard. With a top speed of up to 31 mph (50 kph) and a max range of 9-12 mi (15-20 km), riding the Ripple is like riding an electric skateboard, but on the snow! Now there is something to keep in mind before deciding to spend $2499 on one of these snowboards. The battery isn’t built into the board itself but is worn by the rider in a backpack. The other caveat is that the Ripple is only rated for a max slope of 20%. Still want one? Then grab your credit card and head over to If you’d rather go a little less extreme, then check out our electric skateboard reviews.

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