Hohem MIC-01 wireless lavalier microphone kit review

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Hohem MIC 01 2

REVIEW – As I previously mentioned when I conducted a similar test and reviews, for the past few years I have been working on various projects on several social media platforms. One of my New Year resolutions for 2024, is to ramp up producing content for those platforms and to be more creative about it. My wife has the same resolution and she has been working on her content that focuses on lifestyle choices. She creates a lot of content showing her gardening and all of the setup and processes including planting all of our greens and green leaf produce for the year. As we both continue to look for gear that will allow us to record and move around without impacting the level and quality of the audio, I am happy for this opportunity to check out the Hohem MIC-01 wireless lavalier microphone kit.

What is it?

The Hohem MIC-01 is a wireless lavalier microphone kit that is plug & play and MFi certified. It features a 20H Battery Life and DSP Noise Cancellation, and it works with both IOS and Android phones. The kit includes 2 Transmitters and 1 Receiver along with a storage/charging case. 

What’s in the box?

Hohem MIC 01 4
Hohem MIC 01 3

  • 1 x Charging Case
  • 2 x Transmitters(TX)
  • 1 x Receiver (RX)
  • 2 x Windscreen
  • 1 x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Hardware specs

Charging Case(2TX+1RX)

Dimensions: 80*64*30.6mm(Carrying belt not included)
Weight: 76g
Input: DC4.8~5.4V
Charging Time: 
About 1.5hrs
Capacity: 850mAh

Transmitter & Receiver

Transmitter Dimensions: 50.2*20.6*20.6mm
Transmitter Weight: 14.9g
Receiver Dimensions: 46*23.5*9.1mm
Receiver Weight: 5g
Sample Rate: 48KHz
Audio Transmission Range: 65ft(20m) for free movement, 328ft(100m) for LOS
Transmission Frequency: 2.4GHz
Output Latency: 25ms
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Input Voltage: DC4.8~5.4V
Sensitivity: -38 dBFS
SNR(Signal-to-Noise Ratio) : 64dB
Working Temperature: -20~60℃ (-4~140 ℉ )
Power Rating: 170mW
Battery Capacity: 150mAh
Operating Time: 7.5hrs(Up to 20hrs with the Charging Case)
Charging Time: About 1.5hrs

Adaptation system: iOS/Android

Design and features

Hohem MIC 01 1
Hohem MIC 01 19

  • DSP Noise Cancelling: Our wireless microphone for iPhone is equipped with a high-performance DSP noise cancellation chip that ensures your voice stands out, even in the busiest environments.
  • Plug and Play: Skip Bluetooth hassle! Plug the RX receiver into your iPhone or iPad’s lightning port, and you’re good to go. (Note: iPads and iPhone 15 without lightning interface require the correct official adapter for plug and play)
  • Remote Control Perfect With Hohem Gimbal: The Hohem Lavalier microphone supports innovative smartphone shutter control, enabling remote control for photography and video recording on your phone. Simple one-click you can take a picture, start/stop Recording. Get a new shooting experience!
  • MFi Certified for iOS: Our Hohem wireless microphone for iPhone is officially certified by Apple, ensuring a stable, high-quality audio experience with your iPhone or iPad every time.
  • 20-Hour Battery Life: Never worry about running out of juice again. Each transmitter’s battery life is 7.5 hours, and up to 20 hours with the charging case. The wireless Lavalier microphone is ready for extended shoots, long lectures, or marathon live sessions.
  • 328ft Long-Range Transmission: With a long-range transmission capability of 328 feet (100 meters), this microphone unlocks boundless outdoor possibilities and delivers exceptional audio capture performance.
  • Support Backup Recording: With built-in storage and a TF Card Slot on the TX transmitter, this wireless microphone can serve as a local audio backup. Note: TF storage card not included in the package.

This Hohem MIC-01 wireless lavalier microphone kit comes with 2 Transmitters and 1 Receiver. The Transmitters are charged by placing them in the charging case. They include a mic, a USB-C port, a microSD card slot, 2 charging pins, and control buttons on one side. They also have a built-in clip for attaching to clothing, etc. The receiver can be purchased with a Lightning or USB-C connection and features 2 channel buttons with LED indicators on one surface, a USB-C port on one edge, and a 3.5 audio port on both the Transmitter and Receiver.

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Hohem MIC 01 6
Hohem MIC 01 7
Hohem MIC 01 8
Hohem MIC 01 9
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Hohem MIC 01 15
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Setting up this Hohem MIC-01 kit and getting it ready for use is quite easy. Since the Transmitters are charged via the case and the Receiver gets its power once connected to the phone, all I needed to do was plug in the case to charge.
Hohem MIC 01 17


The Hohem MIC-01 wireless lavalier microphone kit is easy to set up and use and performs well. I connected the Receiver to my One Plus 11 Pro. First I performed a comparison test between recording on the phone without the mice and then with the mic. I also recorded using the windscreen. The next test was a comparison between the phone recording with the mic and the recording on the micro SD card that I inserted into the micro SD card slot on the Transmitter. The connection was consistent, and the quality of the audio was quite good. The Noise cancellation works very well, but I did detect a slight bit of latency with the audio which made the audio not 100% in sync with the video. I am not sure if the latency is with the audio or caused by the video that the phone processes. I was also surprised that I did not need to adjust the gain. it was good right out of the box.

Hohem MIC 01 7
Here is what the Transmitter looks like with the windscreen attached.

Hohem MIC 01 18
Here I am with the Transmitter clipped to my tie while recording.

Hohem MIC 01 2
The following is a video of some audio comparison tests that I performed:

What I like

  • It comes with 2 Transmitters which allows the kit to be used for a 2-person interview
  • Both the Transmitter and Receiver are lightweight and compact
  • The battery life
  • The easy setup process
  • The included storage/charging case
  • The Noise Cancelling that performs well
  • The included photo shutter and recording control functionality

What I’d change

  • There seems to be a slight bit of latency with the recordings
  • I need to be able to purchase the Lightning version of the dongle separately without having to buy an entire kit

Final thoughts

The Hohem MIC-01 wireless lavalier microphone is another great addition to my gear and further supports my need for versatility and my goal of producing more and better content creation. This is a nice kit.

Price: $109.00
Where to buy: Hohem and Amazon (Save 5% with code: 3Z63D4JU expires 2/29/2024 1:59 PM (UTC-5))
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Hohem

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