GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Max review

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REVIEW – Once again, we are back into the winter season in NY, and unlike last winter, it is cold. The house that I purchased in 2020 was built in the late 1940s, and I have found that there are a couple of rooms that have radiators that are undersized and do not provide adequate heat. Until I rectify the issue, I have been looking for safe and effective portable heaters to supplement the need for adequate warmth in those areas. Of course, a portable heater with some bells and whistles would also satisfy the gadget geek part of my personality. Enter the GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Max.

What is it?

The GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Max can heat a 300-500ft² room in about 2 seconds with its PTC ceramic technology. It also adds to the ambiance by creating a visual experience simulating the effect of burning wood or charcoal in a fireplace without the smoke of a real fire.

What’s in the box?

GoveeLife Smart Heater Max 2
GoveeLife Smart Heater Max 3

  • 1 x GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Max
  • 1 x User Manual

Hardware specs

Product Dimensions: 10.61″D x 10.61″W x 26.31″H
Item Weight: 13.22 Pounds
App Connectivity: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
Control Methods: APP, Voice
Voltage: 120
Wattage: 1500W
Colors: Black

Design and features

  • Smart Remote Control: Supports a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection (5G not supported). Turn on the space heater in advance to start warming up on the way home via the app. Supports voice control via Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.
  • Smart Thermostat: The built-in sensor supports basic thermostat functions. Pair with a GoveeLife thermo-hygrometer for automatic temp adjustments for more accurate monitoring. The smart space heater offers 5 modes: high, medium, low, auto, and fan mode.
  • 2s Fast Heating & Energy Saving: The heater uses more energy-efficient PTC ceramic heating technology to rapidly heat in less than 2 seconds. Monitor the running time via the GoveeHome App to display the amount of power saved, offering peace of mind.
  • Safety for the Whole Family: The GoveeLife space heater features overheating and tip-over protections for safety around kids, pets, and the entire home. Our smart heater passed UL 1278 testing and automatically shuts off after 24 hours of continuous use.
  • Low Noise & 3D Fireplace Light: The electric space heater operates at less than 45dB in low mode, as quiet as studying in a library. Take comfort in the adjustable 360-degree panoramic fireplace light, which enhances the cozy atmosphere for the whole family.
  • More Functions: This electric heater includes features such as a 24H timer, 80° oscillation, soft heat, safety lock, LED display, and 15s delayed shut-off. Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and garages. Note: Screwdriver not included.
  • Supported GoveeLife Thermo-Hygrometer Models: H5051, H5052, H5071, H5072, H5074, H5174, H5179, H5075, H5101, H5102, H5177, H5100, B5178, H5103, H5106 (not included).

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The GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Max is a slender and sleek heater with a wide circular base. It features a touch button control on the top, an LED display on the front top center, and a 360-degree see-through faux fireplace on the bottom.
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The only thing that I needed to do to set up/assemble the GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Max was to attach the base. It is a very easy process as illustrated below.

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GoveeLife Smart Heater Max 5
GoveeLife Smart Heater Max 6
GoveeLife Smart Heater Max 7


The GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Max has a touch button on the top that allows you to perform all of the functions including power on/off, temp control, memory, timer, etc. But the real control and fun comes from using the app.

GoveeLife Smart Heater Max 13

Overall, this GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Max is a really nice portable heater. The build quality is good and it provides good heat. The fireplace adds a nice attractive touch to the room. Having app control and other control options including remote control and control via Alexa, Siri, and Google are nice additional features.

GoveeLife Smart Heater Max 25

What I like

  • The sleep design with the built-in 360-degree view faux fireplace
  • The heat it provides
  • That is oscillates
  • The app control
  • The tip-over shutoff feature

What I’d change

  • Nice heater. No complaints

Final thoughts

The GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Max is a really nice heater. I have been a fan of Govee products for a while and this heater does not disappoint. The app is great and the overall control via the app is great. the built-in faux fireplace is a nice touch and it provides really nice heat. I love that I can control it from anywhere in the world. Well done.

Price: $149.99
Where to buy: Amazon and Govee website
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Govee.

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