Tom Gozney Signature Edition Roccbox Pizza Oven review

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REVIEW – This past summer, my wife and I made a big push towards creating our piece of paradise in our backyard. While it is still a work in progress, I was able to build her planter boxes, the custom arbor that she wanted, install a gazebo, add a mixture of hardscape by mixing pea gravel and concrete surfaces, and create a nice additional relaxing space with the Breeo firepit and chairs and a water fountain. One of the last things that we did was to add a portable pizza oven to the mix to support our Friday night pizza custom. However, the quality of the pizza oven I purchased turned out not to be that great so I was happy when I got the opportunity to review the Tom Gozney Signature Edition Roccbox Pizza Oven.

What is it?

The Tom Gozney Signature Edition Roccbox Pizza Oven is a portable, professional-grade multi-fuel pizza oven that can reach a temperature of up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit.

What’s in the box?

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Gozney Pizza Oven 4

  • 1 x Tom Gozney Signature Edition Roccbox Pizza Oven
  • 1 x Detachable propane gas burner
  • 1 x Limited edition Black pizza peel
  • 1 x Roccbox Turning Peel
  • 1 x User Manual

Hardware specs

Gozney Pizza Oven 5

Design and features

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Gozney Pizza Oven 25
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The Tom Gozney Signature Edition Roccbox Pizza Oven is made from stainless steel with its outer body coated in silicone. It weighs approximately 44 pounds and there is a Cordierite stone inside for cooking. On the side, there is the temperature gauge and on the bottom, there are folding legs and the port that you connect the gas burner to. Take a look at the photos below for a better idea of how this oven is put together.

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Gozney Pizza Oven 18
Gozney Pizza Oven 7 1
Gozney Pizza Oven 19
Gozney Pizza Oven 20
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The Tom Gozney Signature Edition Roccbox Pizza Oven is easy to set up and get ready to use. The first step is to extend the legs so that the oven stands tall enough to accommodate the gas burner.
Gozney Pizza Oven 6
Gozney Pizza Oven 7
The next step is to install the gas burner below.
Gozney Pizza Oven 8
Gozney Pizza Oven 9


Every Friday night is usually Pizza night at my house. Sometimes we buy, sometimes we bake in the oven and in the summer we use an outdoor pizza oven. The previous oven that I owned just did not work properly and seems to be poorly constructed. The Tom Gozney Signature Edition Roccbox Pizza Oven is well-built and ready for the task. So I proceeded to test by cooking the 2 mini pizzas shown below.

Gozney Pizza Oven 10
Gozney Pizza Oven 11
I connected a propane bottle to the pizza oven and turned the ignitor as per the user manual. The oven lit immediately and I let it sit for approximately 30 minutes with the control knob in the correct position for heating. Once the oven reached around 400 degrees, I put the mini pizza in to cook.

Gozney Pizza Oven 2
Gozney Pizza Oven 12
Gozney Pizza Oven 13
Gozney Pizza Oven 17
Gozney Pizza Oven 14
Now before you make a face or laugh, I know that the result of the first test was not perfect and that I burned the mini pizzas a bit, but I promise you that they still tasted really good that the kids and I devoured them :-). Next summer they will be perfect once I dial in the right temperature for cooking these mini treats. Regardless, the pizza oven is easy to turn on, much like a gas stove, and it works great. I love it. I would have let it cool a bit and tried again, but it is winter in NY, and unlike next year, it is cold.

Gozney Pizza Oven 15
Gozney Pizza Oven 16 scaled

What I like

  • Very well built
  • Attractive design
  • Practical design with the folding legs and under-mount burner
  • The dual fuel capability

What I’d change

  • No complaints

Final thoughts

The Tom Gozney Signature Edition Roccbox Pizza Oven is a really well-built, nicely designed pizza oven that will be heavily used in my household next summer. Although it has dual fuel capability, I will be sticking with propane since that is most convenient for me, and since I still have to master the art of dialing in the right temperature for the mini pizzas that we like to cook. This pizza oven is just great quality and way better overall quality than the one I previously owned. Very well done.

Price: $499.00
Where to buy: Gozney website and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Gozney.

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