The Halsa Breathing Necklace helps reduce your anxiety

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halsa breathing necklace 01

NEWS – So many people deal with anxiety today which triggers your body to respond in a “fight or flight” mode with increased heart rate and respiration. If you or someone you know deals with this, the Halsa Breathing Necklace might help. The necklace is a stainless steel tube that you exhale through that works by increasing air resistance so that you are forced to slow your breathing. This decreases your respiration and heart rate thus reducing anxiety.

The Halsa Breathing Necklace is made of type 304 stainless steel which won’t ever tarnish and also makes it easy to clean. Some Amazon reviewers have stated that this is about as good as breathing through a straw and others have said that it seems cheaply made. Yet others really seem to like it. I think it’s more attractive than wearing a straw around your neck… just sayin’.

If you think you’d like to try it out, you can purchase the Halsa Breathing Necklace from Amazon. The price varies from $24.90 to $38.49 at the time of this writing depending on which color (black, silver, gold, and rose gold) and type of chain you want (box chain or cable chain).

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