Customize your Halloween mask with the Megoo LED Mask

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NEWS – Halloween is coming soon and it’s time to choose a character, but which one? Using the Megoo LED Mask you can choose or even create your own characters! This mask has 2074 LEDs (2121 RGB lamp beads) to create the images on the mask.

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You can use any of the 45 dynamic images or 70 still images for the mask by downloading the Shining Mask app and connecting it to the mask via Bluetooth. You can also create your own still images to download to the mask. If you want to change the image on the mask, you can do so by waiving your hand over the gesture sensor located at the top of the mask.

megoo led mask 02

There are two versions of the mask: a three-AA battery version (requires 3-AA batteries which are NOT included) and a USB-C rechargeable version. The AA-battery version lasts about 12 hours while the USB-C rechargeable version lasts about 8 hours on a charge. The mask also has adjustable straps for a better fit and the silicone around the eye holes helps to make the mask more comfortable.

The mask has over 3,000 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.3 stars. Many reviewers have said that visibility is limited through the eye holes, some have had recharging issues (the rechargeable USB-C mask won’t charge), some have said that it can be uncomfortable if you have a long nose or a large head, while others have said that the mask quit working in a very short amount of time. However, it seems to work for most of the reviewers and when it does, it’s a blast.

Interested? You can purchase the Megoo LED Mask from Amazon: $69.99 for the AA-battery version or $79.99 for the USB-C rechargeable version. There’s also a 20% coupon you can get when you add the AA battery version to your Amazon cart or a 10% coupon for the rechargeable version.

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