This unusual keychain multi-tool tweezes and slices!

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giriaitus multitool 2

NEWS – You guys know that I’m always scouring the web for cool and/or weird EDC gear to share with all of you and today I found an interesting multi-tool. Before some of you yell at me and complain that this isn’t a true multi-tool, I will say that the Giriaitus 2-in-1 multi-tool features a tiny knife and a pair of tweezers, which makes two tools and that means it’s a multi-tool (ducks for cover)! Seriously though, this little tool is less than 3 inches long when closed, so it easily fits in a pocket or a keychain. When you want to use one of the tools, you just slide it out and when you’re done, slide it securely back in place. Want one for your collection? Head over to Amazon where it’s currently $17.99.

giriaitus multitool 1

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