The Breo N5 Mini Neck and Shoulder Massager works wonders for relieving tense necks and shoulders

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SPONSORED NEWS – More than 90% of headaches are caused by neck muscle problems. Daily experience tells us that people with soft and elastic shoulder muscles rarely have tension headaches. It can be seen that to solve the vicious circle of tension headaches, in addition to reducing stress sources and relieving tension, relaxing the shoulder and neck muscles can also relieve tension headaches, mainly relaxing the upper and middle trapezius muscles.

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If you’re looking for a neck and back massager, look no further than Breo’s innovative Breo N5 Mini Neck and Shoulder Massager. Designed for unparalleled comfort and convenience, this device effectively addresses a range of ailments from neck and shoulder tension to chronic migraines. Neck pain relief will dramatically improve your sleep and health. The massager will be available on Amazon from September 4th to September 8th, and its original price of $139.99 has been reduced to an attractive $109.99, a saving of $30.

The Breo N5 Mini massager has the following impressive features that set it apart from the competition:

Human kneading action

The Breo N5 Mini is more than just an ordinary massager. Through its breakthrough massage head configuration, it achieves a deep tissue kneading experience similar to that of a professional chiropractor. This human-like kneading action imitates skilled human hands and better simulates the skills of a professional masseur, resulting in a more immersive and healing massage effect. This deep kneading can effectively relieve muscle tension and discomfort.

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Revolutionary Backpack Design

The backpack design of N5 Mini brings greater convenience to users. Its built-in lithium battery and ergonomic structure free the user to perform other tasks such as working, watching TV or traveling while enjoying a massage. This design integrates relaxation and massage into everyday life, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of massage anytime, anywhere.

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Multi-functional multi-point massage

Unlike traditional single-focus massagers, the Breo N5 Mini offers a comprehensive massage solution. It can massage the neck, shoulders, back, waist and legs, combining multiple massage points in one device. This versatile design makes it adaptable to target different sources of discomfort. In addition, unlike other competing products, N5 Mini also has the ability to massage the shoulders and neck at the same time.

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Soothing warmth for enhanced relief

Breo N5 Mini integrates a heating function, which can enhance the massage experience. The heating function can quickly reach a constant temperature of 43 degrees Celsius, promote blood circulation, and relieve muscle pain in the neck and shoulders. This warm feeling not only makes the massage more comfortable, but also enhances the soothing effects of the massage.

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Additional Features

The massager boasts several additional features, including being lightweight and portable, having a hygienic washable inner lining, operating quietly, offering customizable settings, providing wireless freedom through its battery life, and incorporating advanced safety features.

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Promotional Period: The massager is available at a special promotional price from September 4th to September 8th, allowing customers to save $30 on the original price. You can also place your order at Breo official website.

[Promotion Information]
Breo N5 Mini Massager
Retail Price: $139.99
Promotion Price: $109.99

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Breo introduction

Breo is a brand founded in 2000, specializing in portable massagers for 23 years with more than 200 direct-sale stores in over 50 countries globally. Breo and its subsidiaries have a total of 769 domestic and foreign patents throughout the company development over the past 23 years. Breo launch new models and innovative concepts frequently with international design awards like Red Dot, Good Design Award, and IF design award, etc. Breo was listed in SSE-STAR market in July of 2021, as the first smart portable massager company.

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