7 EDC accessories to trick out your multi-tool or Swiss Army knife!

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NEWS – We really like our EDC gear around here and that includes multi-tools and knives. If your personal EDC happens to include a Swiss Army knife or a Leatherman multi-tool, then you should check out these add-ons that will add some extra functionality to your gear.

1. Let’s start with the FireAnt set shown in the image above. This patented waterproof fire-starting tool set includes 3 fire steels with glow in the dark handles and 6 Helix tinders that fit into the corkscrew of Victorinox Swiss Army knives. Each fire steel can last for up to 100 fires and each tinder should help you start 2 fires.
Where to buy: You can get a pack at Knife Country USA

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2. If you prefer to store your fire steel in the toothpick slot of your Swiss Army Knife, then check out the Tortoise Gear Firefly fire starter. Pull it out, and use the blade on the knife to create sparks to start a fire. The Firefly is 140% stronger than a typical fire steel/ferrocerium rod and is available in two sizes to fit medium and large-sized Swiss Army knives.
Where to buy: You can buy a pack 0f 3 from Amazon
Price: $19.99

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3. While we’re on the subject of toothpicks, you can replace the old toothpick in your Swiss Army knife with a brand new one. But instead of going with another boring off-white toothpick, get a pack of colored ones like you see above! They are available in small or large depending on your knife.
Where to buy: Victorinox.com
Price: $4.60 small / $5.50 large

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4. You can add this tiny screwdriver to your SAK by screwing it into the corkscrew. You’re not going to repair your car with this little guy, but it might be useful for tightening the frames of your glasses or other items with small screws.
Where to buy: Knife Country USA and Amazon
Price: $2.25 for 1 or you can get a pack of 3 for $14.33 from Amazon.
I know the Amazon price is way more expensive, but if you happen to have an Amazon gift card that’s been burning a hole in your pocket…

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5. Make your Swiss Army knife easier to carry with this add-on deep pocket clip from SwissQlip. It’s made of stainless steel and is compatible with 91mm Victorinox Swiss Army knife models. It’s available in the chromed version that you see here or you can go with a black version. It screws into the keyring holder that’s on the knife.
Where to buy: Amazon
Price: $19.99

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6. The PC Doodle Volty is a really cool add-on for select Leatherman multi-tools:

The Volty is a tiny multimeter that you can use to detect low voltage AC and DC voltage, continuity, temperature, non-contact EMF “spark”, voltage source, and parasitic DC voltage drain detection. Read Dave’s PC Doodle Volty review with all the fun details.
Where to buy: PC Doodle
Price: $42.00

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7. How about adding a mini ratchet to your Leatherman multi-tool? The 711L EDC Ratchet Wrench is a tiny add-on light-duty ratchet wrench for Leatherman multi-tools like the Leatherman Wave+, Charge, Skeletool, MUT, Surge, and Signal, that can accept proprietary flat screwdriver bits. The 711L EDC Ratchet Wrench is less than 2.5 inches long features a 1/4-inch socket and comes with 9 bits.
Where to buy: Amazon
Price: $34.99

Do you have any favorite add-ons for your existing EDC tools and gear that are unique? If so, please share in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “7 EDC accessories to trick out your multi-tool or Swiss Army knife!”

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  2. On the topic of ratchet drivers, Leatherman makes a very nice one that fits directly in it’s bit driver, and uses either their own bits or standard screwdriver bits.

  3. For #2, the ferro rod toothpick. One word of warning the ferro rods can oxidize and “rust” inside the SAK making them difficult, even impossible to remove. Put a little oil on the rod to inhibit oxidation and check frequently.

      1. Hi Julie, yes because you are scraping off a thin layer of the rod, basically you are scraping off the oil too.

        By the way on those toothpick ferro rods, always scrape on the thin edge not the wide edge. Two reasons: 1) scraping the wide edge causes the rod to bend and snap. 2) scraping the wide edge will make it thinner and cause it to slip out of the SAK.

    1. An oxidized/rusty toothpick doesn’t sound too good to put in your mouth. If you do go with oiling it, use a “food-grade” oil as well.

    1. Sorry about that Alex! The original link that I had showed as unavailable so I switched it for a different link and didn’t realize until you said something that it didn’t have the bits. I just made another change. You can find it with the bits here: https://amzn.to/3OLAjSf
      It’s a couple dollars more expensive though at $34.99.

  4. Great suggestions!

    I’m a huge fan of the fire ant stuff which I always have on my SAK compact.

    I think it’s important to note as well that the SwissQlip doesn’t fit ALL 91mm SAKs.
    I does fit the following however:
    Compatible with:
    – Victorinox Angler
    – Victorinox Camper
    – Victorinox Climber
    – Victorinox Cybertool (& Cybertool Lite)
    – Victorinox Explorer
    – Victorinox Fieldmaster
    – Victorinox Fisherman
    – Victorinox Handyman
    – Victorinox Hiker
    – Victorinox Huntsman (& Huntsman Lite)
    – Victorinox Mountaineer
    – Victorinox Ranger
    – Victorinox Spartan (& Spartan Lite)
    – Victorinox Swiss Champ
    – Victorinox Tinker (& Cybertool Lite, Super Tinker)
    Some older production pieces will not fit the SwissQlip. The keyring hole must be on the left side and in the first space between the handle and 1st liner.

    Hope this helps,

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