Is this the ultimate gaming chair, an ultimate chair for your next camping trip, or both?

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NEWS – Gadgeteer writer and gamer Greg Cleveland shared a link to The Foldable Gaming Chair in our team Discord channel the other day and I thought it looked equal parts crazy and cool. So, of course, I knew that I would have to share it with all of you!

My first thought was that this is just an ordinary folding camping chair. I have something similar, but unlike the camping chair that I have, The Foldable Gaming Chair has some major padding going on as well as some interesting add-ons. This chair features a hook for your gaming headset, a slot for your gaming controller, a can or bottle holder for your favorite beverage, and a wine glass holder because… Ok, I don’t know why a foldable gaming chair needs a wine glass holder. Do most gamers like a nice Pinot noir while killing baddies in Resident Evil 4?

Do you need this chair to take your gaming comfort to the next level? The Foldable Gaming Chair is $179 directly from or, you can save yourself $70 and buy a padded camping chair from Amazon for $109.99. Sure, it’s missing the headset holder, controller holder, and wine glass holder, but it does have a can/bottle holder!
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  2. Robert van Weersch

    I’ve been camping quite a while, but I’ve never seen a fellow camping visitor bring along a PS5. Also, I would not let a glass of whine dangle above a $600 console…

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