JOBY Wavo PLUS microphone review

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REVIEW – When I began creating regular Gadgeteer Video Podcasts on my YouTube channel, I only used my iPhone 13 Pro Max for capturing the video and audio. From the first episode, I was disappointed in the crappy audio captured from my iPhone and started looking into using a separate microphone. Audio improved with a  Bluetooth lavalier style mic and later, the improvement was even better with a JOBY Wavo microphone. Today I want to go one step further and tell you about my experience testing the JOBY Wavo PLUS microphone. Let’s take a look (and a listen).

What is it?

The JOBY Wavo PLUS is a cardioid shotgun-style microphone for cameras and mobile devices.

What’s in the box?

joby wavo plus mic 1

  • JOBY Wavo PLUS microphone
  • TRS to TRS camera cable
  • TRS to TRRS smartphone cable
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • USB-C to USB-A cable

Hardware spec

CAPSULE TYPE – Condenser Electret (line gradient)
POLAR PATTERN – Super Cardioid
SENSITIVITY – -16 dBV/Pa at 1 kHz (+-3db)
MAXIMUM SPL – 130 dB SPL(1 kHz, 1% THD, 1-Kilohm Load)
GAIN ADJUSTMENT – -10, 0, +15dB

Design and features

joby wavo plus mic 4

As mentioned in the first paragraph of this review, I have been using the JOBY Wavo microphone. The PLUS version reviewed here today is like the standard Wavo on steroids. Both are shotgun-style mics, but the PLUS has a lot more functionality and features.

On the left side of the microphone, there are two slider switches. The top switch is the Safe Track switch which will limit the audio to -10db on the right channel. This is important if you find that your audio is distorted due to audio levels. If that happens, the right channel will be usable.

Then the switch below the Safe Track switch is the Low-Cut filter switch which helps to level out background noises like traffic and air conditioner noise.

joby wavo plus mic 5

The opposite side of the JOBY Wavo Plus microphone has a slider switch that will let you adjust the output gain directly from the microphone instead of your phone/camera. This switch has 3 positions. The center position is 0 effect, and there is a -10dB and +15dB position.

You’ll also notice the microphone’s mount that has a headphone jack which you can use to monitor the audio live in real-time so you don’t find out after the fact that there was a weird noise in the background of your entire video.

joby wavo plus mic 3

The mount features both a cold shoe mount and a threaded tripod socket. This gives you two ways to mount the microphone either directly on a camera or a tripod.

joby wavo plus mic 2

The back side of the JOBY Wavo PLUS microphone has the power button, a large (red) headphone volume knob, USB-C port for charging and/or connecting the microphone to a computer. Below the USB-C port is the audio output to the camera jack.

joby wavo plus mic 8

The front of the microphone has the power/battery level LED (Green 100-30%, Amber 30-10%, Red 10-0%).

joby wavo plus mic 6

In the image above, I show the microphone with the microphone cover.

Using the JOBY Wavo Plus microphone with a camera and an iPhone

I tested the JOBY Wavo Plus with a Sony ZV-E10 camera and my iPhone 13 Pro Max. The video below will let you hear the difference between using the microphone and not using it with the two devices.

Connecting to Sony ZV-E10 was just a matter of using the included TRS cable plugged into the JOBY microphone and the mic jack on the camera. For the iPhone, I used the included TRRS cable but also had to use a Lightning adapter which isn’t included with the JOBY Wavo Plus microphone. Note, that a standard Lightning to 3.5mm adapter probably won’t work. I tried an adapter that I already had on hand, but ended up having to order a Lightning adapter that specifically mentioned that it supports TRRS and it worked perfectly.

One feature of this microphone which is really nice is that it will automatically power on when you connect it to your camera or iPhone.

Hear it in action

What I like

  • Long battery life
  • Crispy audio
  • Built-in mounts
  • Live monitoring with headphones

What I’d change

  • Nothing

Final thoughts

If you want to improve the audio from your camera or smartphone for your videos, an external microphone is highly recommended and the JOBY Wavo PLUS is currently my favorite external monitor based on the features and of course the quality of the audio in my videos when I use it.

Price: $199.99
Where to buy: JOBY and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by JOBY.

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