Brigii H5 Handheld Vacuum review – plenty of power in a small package

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Brigii H5 Handheld Vacuum

REVIEW – My wife and I recently bought a pair of toy poodle puppies.  If you’ve ever trained a puppy or two, you know that means frequent trips out into the yard.  They are forever tracking in small pieces of grass and bringing in bits of mulch that they want to chew on.  I need a small vacuum to help keep my house clean, and I think the Brigii H5 Handheld Vacuum will be just the gadget for the job.

What is it?

The Brigii H5 Handheld Vacuum is high-speed, handheld, cordless vacuum cleaner.  It comes with three attachments, has two speeds, and features an LED display.  It has a rechargeable but non-replaceable battery that is charged via a USB-C cable.  The H5 is made by Brigii, a Chinese company founded in 2019 with the motto “serving all families anytime, anywhere.”

What’s in the box?

brigii h5 vac 2

The following items were in the box:

  • Brigii H5 Handheld Vacuum
  • Three attachments (brush, long nozzle, wide nozzle)
  • Stand
  • USB-C cable (charger block not included)
  • User manual (with safety information)
  • User guide (with six pages of instructions)
  • Support card


The Brigii H5 Handheld Vacuum has the following specs:

  • Speed:  Low (eco) and high (turbo)
  • Suction power:  11,000 or 18,000 Pa
  • Battery:  2500 mAh
  • Runtime:  30 minutes on low, 13 on high
  • Charging port:  USB-C
  • Weight:  1.54 lbs
  • Dimensions:  3 inches in diameter and 21 inches long with the longest attachment
  • Colors:  Gray or white
  • Display:  Standard or digital

Design and features

brigii h5 vac 3

The cylindrical design of the Brigii H5 Handheld Vacuum is fairly typical for handheld vacuums.  The back half houses the motor and has a handle, while the front half has the canister and a place to connect the attachments.  On the top there’s a simple LED display that gives the speed and a vague indication of the remaining battery life; on the back, there’s the USB-C port for recharging.

Installation and setup

brigii h5 vac 4

Not much is required to get the Brigii H5 Handheld Vacuum ready for use.  I removed it from the custom foam inserts, which protected everything during transit.  I then charged the internal battery using the provided USB-C cable.  The manual does not indicate how long it should take to charge the battery, but the display stopped flashing when it was finished.

brigii h5 vac 4a

Finally, I attached the canister and an attachment.  It was ready to go!

One thing to keep in mind about this vacuum and others like it:  The battery is not replaceable.  That means that is a disposable device; once the battery dies, and eventually it will, I’ll have to throw it away and acquire a new one.  I wish that Brigii would be more environmentally responsible and make its batteries replaceable.


brigii h5 vac 5

The Brigii H5 vacuum has two buttons on top.  One turns on the vacuum when I hold it for a couple of seconds and turns it off when I press it again.  The H5 always starts on low speed, and other button is used to alternate between high and low.  I nearly always use it on high speed, and there’s no reason not to take advantage of the extra power it offers.  The display on the H5 is very simplistic.  A rotating fan light indicates the speed, and three dots indicate how much battery life is left.

brigii h5 vac 6

The Brigii H5 Handheld Vacuum comes with three attachments.  The brush is ideal for use on hard surfaces that I don’t want to scratch.  I used it for vacuuming up the grass on our hardwood floors near the entryway that the dogs tracked as well as for dusting the baseboards around the house.

brigii h5 vac 7

The wide nozzle, which Brigii calls a multi-surface tool, was best for use on carpets, so I used it on the small doormat inside the door and on the runner in our entry way.  There’s a set of tongs that can rotate 90 degrees; when deployed, they dig into the carpet a bit and make it easier for the vacuum to suck up dirt and debris.  The long nozzle is ideal for hard to reach places like in between cushions on the couch and between seats in the car.

brigii h5 vac 9

The Brigii H5 Handheld Vacuum comes with a simple stand for holding the vacuum and the attachments.  Even though there’s nothing fancy about it—it doesn’t even provide a way to charge the battery—I am really glad that Brigii included it.  It makes it easy to keep everything together, and it takes up less space on the floor of our closet, which is where we keep the vacuum.

The canister can be detached from the motor housing by rotating it about half an inch.  There are locked and unlocked indicators on the canister to show exactly how far to rotate.

brigii h5 vac 10

The website says that the H5 has a “triple filter,” but there are only two filters.  The outer, stainless steel filter is designed to remove larger particles, like grass and hair; the inner one is a HEPA filter that should remove smaller particles, like dust and pollen.

brigii h5 vac 11

I found that the H5 performed well with every task I gave it.  It vacuumed up lots of grass, hair, dirt, and dust.  It worked equally well on hardwoods and carpet, though I only test it on low pile carpet.

brigii h5 vac 12

It was also handy for vacuuming up dog hair after a quick trim.  The Brigii H5 has met my expectations, and my house is now cleaner than it used to be, despite all the efforts of our dogs.

Extra Features

The version of the Brigii H5 Handheld Vacuum that I tested has the standard display.  There’s a different version that has a digital display that shows the exact percentage of battery life remaining.

While Brigii offers replacement filters for some of its vacuums on its website; it does not, unfortunately, offer any for the H5.

What I like

Here’s what I like about this gadget:

  • Great vacuuming
  • Dual filter design
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple attachments
  • Convenient stand

What I’d change

Here’s what I would change about it:

  • Make the battery replaceable
  • Provide replacement filters
  • Correct the website to say that the H5 only has a double filter

Final thoughts

Brigii’s H5 is a handheld, cordless, rechargeable vacuum cleaner made for quickly cleaning up small messes.  It has three attachments, two speeds, and up to 30 minutes of runtimes.  I’ve used the H5 in my house primarily to clean up the grass and dirt that my dogs have tracked into the house, but I’ve also used it for dusting the baseboards and vacuuming out the car.  I’ve found that it has also worked well and has plenty of power.

brigii h5 vac 13

I appreciate having three different types of attachments and the stand on which to put them with the vacuum.  I like this vacuum and am glad to have it in my house.  If you need a small vacuum, I recommend that you consider Brigii’s H5.

Price: $79.99 or $89.99, depending upon the display
Where to buyAmazon or Brigii’s online store
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Brigii.

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