Campfire Bay Bonfire Bundle review – The last Fire Pit Tongs and Poker you’ll ever need to buy

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REVIEW – I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that one fire pit tool is pretty much the same as another. That’s exactly what I thought up until a month ago. Then I received the elite series fire pit tongs and poker from Campfire Bay and all fire tools are not built to the same standard.

What is it?

Campfire Bay makes serious tools for fire pits right here in the USA. The Bonfire Bundle includes a pair of their Fire Pit Tongs and the Fire Pit Poker from their elite series which means they’re all stainless steel and have rustic/burned ash hardwood handles with leather hanging loops.

What’s in the box?


The Campfire Bay Bonfire Bundle includes…

  • Elite Series Fire Pit Tongs
  • Elite Series Fire Pit Poker

Hardware specs

  • 304 Stainless steel
  • Rustic/Burned Ash hardwood handles
  • Leather hanging loops
  • Leather snap keeper on Tongs to keep them closed

Design and features

As mentioned, the Campfire Bay Bonfire Bundle is a serious set of fire pit tools that just ask to be used.


The Fire Pit Tongs are made from stainless steel, with two stainless bolts; one as the pivot and a 2nd that allows the second arm to travel smoothly to its fully opened position.


The 11″ handles are expertly finished hardwood Ash, lightly burned to bring out the color and then sealed with a coating. Leather hanging loops complete the rustic feel and the leather keeper snaps around each arm to keep them closed when not in use.


The business end of the tongs has very aggressive teeth, and the 42″ long length of the arms provides a ton of leverage. Definitely a two-hand tool.


The Campfire Bay Fire Pit Poker is round stainless steel, but a little longer at 45.5″ sharing the same handle and leather hanging loops.


A big 6-inch hook makes it easy to move anything in the fire pit.



It’s easy to see a higher price than you were expecting (for any set of tools) and dismiss it as unnecessary because there’s a cheaper option out there that will get the job done. A set of fire pit tools is a perfect example of that exact scenario. A quick Amazon search brings up lots of options starting at prices you might pay for lunch outside The Home Depot.

I’m going to venture a guess that most of us have had to purchase a tool for a second or third time at some point. It may have been that we opted for the cheaper option, or maybe it was a one-time use scenario where we weren’t going to use it again. When a tool does quit on you it sucks, and it’s usually because you’re using it. If you’ve got a fire pit, the chances are pretty high that you’re going to be using a set of tools frequently so picking a set that will last is prudent. That’s definitely what these elite series Fire Pit Tools from Campfire Bay are going to do.

I know I read how long these were before they arrived, but I was still surprised when the box showed up. I’m 6’3 and both the poker and the tongs stand above my waistline.


That might seem really long if you’re thinking of fireplace tools, but with a fire pit, that extra length is a great safety measure as well as providing a lot of leverage in the case of the tongs.


The stainless steel is going to pay off if your tools get left outside. The handles feel great and keep any heat away that might work its way up the metal arms and the leather hanging loops are a nice touch if you’re able to dedicate a spot for hanging them. Campfire Bay also makes a tool holder you can stick in the yard if your fire pit isn’t surrounded by concrete like mine.

The bottom line here is that while expensive, the Campfire Bay Bonfire Bundle is a set of serious tools that will let you spend less time managing your fire pit and more time enjoying it.

What I like

  • Beautiful craftsmanship of stainless steel, Ash hardwoods and leather
  • Rust-free stainless steel
  • Long handles and arms keeping you further away from fire

What I’d change

  • Nothing

Final thoughts

If you’re lucky enough to have your own fire pit, take a look at the Campfire Bay Bonfire Bundle. They look amazing, have a long enough reach to work on an unruly campfire while keeping a safe distance and they’re built to last a lifetime (maybe even more than one).

Price: $197.08
Where to buy: Campfire Bay Bonfire Bundle and individually from Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Campfire Bay.

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