New Things Lab MEMO wallet review – This wallet is a whiteboard!

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CROWDFUNDING REVIEW – If you’ve ever wished that you could shove a dry-erase whiteboard in your pocket, then this review of the New Things Lab MEMO wallet is for you! Let’s check out this crowdfunding project.

What is it?

The New Things Lab MEMO wallet is a minimalist-style wallet that has a built-in whiteboard inside it

What’s in the box?

  • MEMO wallet
  • Fine point dry-erase marker

Design and features

memo whiteboard wallet 2

What we have here is an RFID blocking anodized black aluminum wallet with a large oval cutout that is used to slide out the cards. Note that there will be 2 other colors available in their Kickstarter campaign (slate and rose).

memo whiteboard wallet 3

If you flip the MEMO wallet over on the other side, you’ll find an identical oval cutout.

memo whiteboard wallet 10

The MEMO can hold a total of 6-8 traditional plastic credit cards with 3-4 on each side. The cards are loaded into the wallet by sliding them into the slots in the spine of the wallet. Spine? Yes, I’ll explain in a sec.

memo whiteboard wallet 11

As mentioned earlier, there is a thumb-slider cutout on each side of the wallet. The cards are held in place with friction, and removing them is easy-ish as long as you haven’t crammed too many cards in the slot.

memo whiteboard wallet 4

Ok, let’s talk about the magical feature of the MEMO wallet. If you look at it from the side, you will see that the wallet has a hinge.

memo whiteboard wallet 5

Then when you look at the front edge of the MEMO wallet, you’ll notice that wallet starts to resemble a closed book. That’s because that’s exactly what it is kinda sorta.

memo whiteboard wallet 6

Open the wallet’s “cover” and you are greeted with a dry-erase whiteboard with a built-in slot that holds a dry-erase marker. The MEMO wallet opens completely flat to provide a 5.25 x 4.00 inch writing surface.

memo whiteboard wallet 7

The small dry-erase marker that is included is a black marker with a built-in dry-erase eraser on the end. The marker has a cap, but the cap doesn’t post on the back of the marker. Both sides of the open whiteboard have a slot that is designed to hold the marker. You’re supposed to put the marker in the right slot, where small bumps help to hold the marker in place so that when you open the wallet, the marker won’t fall out. I had mixed results trying to get that feature to work. I think it would be better to use a magnetic slot.

memo whiteboard wallet 8

The marker works as you would expect… Note that replacement markers will be available.

memo whiteboard wallet 9

And the marker’s fuzzy end/eraser also works as designed to erase. You can also use a tissue or even your fingertip to erase what you’ve drawn on the whiteboard. In case you are wondering, closing the MEMO wallet will not destroy the writing on the whiteboard. Also, be aware that the wallet snaps shut with a nice snap because it’s held closed with magnets. So be careful not to pinch your fingers.

See how it works

What I like

  • Genius idea
  • Wallet/ reusable notebook combo
  • Includes a slot for the marker

What I’d change

  • A better way to hold the marker in place when the wallet is opened
  • Make it lighter weight – it’s a bit heavy

Final thoughts

We review a lot of wallets here on The Gadgeteer, so it’s always fun to see something new. The New Things Lab MEMO wallet is a nice surprise when it comes to a minimalist wallet. I like that the MEMO wallet is multi-functional and reusable. Having a built-in whiteboard that I can use to jot a quick grocery list or maybe a drawing for something I need at the hardware store is great. If you’ve wanted to carry around a reusable notebook and your credit cards in one small package, go check out the Kickstarter campaign for the MEMO wallet.

Price: 49 € / $52.99 US
Where to buy: Kickstarter
Source: The sample for this review was provided by New Things Lab.

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