DCK 20V Cordless Drill review – Makes me want to put a hole in something

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REVIEW – I have an entire set of cordless drills. However, if they are in the garage, I need them in the house. If they are in the house, I need them in the garage. I decided to try the DCK 20V Cordless Drill, and I have dedicated it to just inside the house. Is it wrong to be in love with a drill?

What is it?

The DCK 20V Drill is a 1/2″ cordless electric drill with a 4.0Ah battery.

What’s in the box?

  • DCK 20V Drill
  • 4.0 Ah battery
  • Charger
  • Bit Set
  • Drill bit set
  • Carry Bag
  • Belt clip

Hardware specs

  • 20V 4.0Ah battery with charge level indicator
  • 1/2″ keyless all-metal chuck
  • 2 Speeds (variable)
  • Belt clip attachment
  • LED Light

Design and features

A cordless drill for just inside the house, you might ask? Yes, because walking out to the garage in the rain or snow is not fun. I’m always fixing something, assembling something, or modifying something. I wanted a drill I could leave in my office and dedicate to just inside-the-house tasks.

As soon as the DCK 20V Cordless Drill hit my hand, I said, “Yes, this is staying here.” The grip fits my hand better than any of the other cordless drills in my garage. The grip is slightly smaller on the battery end, which just seems to give me a firmer grip. It just feels good in the hand.

The DCK 20V Cordless Drill also has what I consider one of my “must-have” features; A belt clip. If you’ve done much work with a cordless drill, you know setting them down just leads to problems, especially when you’re on a ladder or working in the yard. The belt clip is removable, just in case you don’t want one on there or if you’re using another drill holster.

The 1/2″ all-metal chuck works nicely, although I would prefer more aggressive knurling on the chuck. However, lighter knurling has advantages if you brush the chuck against something while operating it. The chuck also features 22+1 torque settings, something I often use to prevent stripping or over-sinking screws.

The 4.0Ah battery is a great advantage over many drills’ 1.0Ah or 2.0Ah batteries. There’s a button you can press to see the battery level – something that is also one of my “must-have” features when it comes to battery-powered tools. The battery and charger are compatible with all DCK 20V tools.

With a max torque of 531 in-lbs, the DCK 20V drills brushless motor has plenty of power for home and professional uses. The motor has two speeds, each variable, with a range of 0-550 and 0-2000 RPM. The speed and reverse switches were easy to operate.

At 2.86 lbs, the DCK 20V is easy to control one-handed, especially with the non-slip rubber coating. Did I mention that it feels great in your hand. When you hold it, you want to drill something!

A very nice carry bag is also included

I found the drill bit kit to be a nice touch. It certainly doesn’t have all the bits you might need, but it’s handy to have in the bag, just in case. The same goes for the 32-piece driver bit kit. The magnetic quick-change bit holder works as well as it looks and should cover most of your bit needs.

What I like

  • The grip is amazing
  • All-Metal Chuck
  • Belt Clip
  • Quick-Change bit holder

What I’d change

  • I would prefer more aggressive knurling on the chuck, but that’s a minor issue

Final thoughts

Simply put, the DCK 20V Cordless Drill does just want it’s meant to do, and does it well while being ergonomic. It checks all of the “must haves” on my list. I’m sure it will serve me well for years to come.

Price: $127.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by DCK.

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    1. Lol that was my instant first thought the minute I saw the photo 😂😂 its a Bauer and it’ll burn right out and start leaving screws half sunk in 2 months using it in a professional setting. I own my own construction company and I’d burn it out in 2 weeks. All milwaukee all day over here lol.

  2. It was interesting to find out that DCK company gave this guy a free drill for this commercial that was disguised as an article. Why else would you pay $37 dollars more for this mystery brand than what you would pay for most other brands that come in a kit. All you have to do is a small amount of searching and it is easy to find much better drills at a much lower price.

    1. Thomas Joseph Carroll

      I agree with you 100% in 2018 I bought a Ridgid for $79 and it’s a hammer drill gen 5x brushless still works and I have a Bosch a basic hammer drill with metal truck brushless mine came with a 4.0 core battery I’m sure people are going to buy it whatever I’ve seen people test them on YouTube I’m sure they got them all for free they never reached out to me so I’m good

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